Green Destiny

Fans of chinese cinema or martial arts movies in general will probably recognize this in an instant. Indeed, 'tis HOUOU's next attempt at re...


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Fans of chinese cinema or martial arts movies in general will probably recognize this in an instant. Indeed, 'tis HOUOU's next attempt at reforging the legendary Green Destiny sword. Our very own Inyri welcomed the first version with these words:

I find myself wondering if this is the author's first weapon model. If I had to guess, I'd say it's not. Why? Several reasons. The poly-flow is very conservative. There are very few extra edges that aren't needed (the blade is especially bare of extraneous polies and edges, which is good), and the hilt and pommel area use 8-edged sections. While the skin is by no means perfect, it is better than the majority of sword skins I've seen, and definitely has some character. Most of the pieces of the skin have proper shading to them, with the exception of the sections that seem to be made with the texturizer effect.

In-game I found that the blade was adequately sized. It didn't seem outrageously large, but also didn't feel like swinging around a toothpick. The real treat, which I imagine is how the blade gets its name, is the minty-green clash/hit effect that has been included. I find it to be rather attractive, if just a little large and distracting.


HOUOU has since improved his skills and this blade is far superior to the older one. The whole thing is far more detailed and accurate in design to its movie counterpart. Heck, he even added a tassel to the pommel ring! He kept it short, fortunately, since such things don't work in this game very well. Well, they don't work at all.

I can but nitpick at the "faults" this weapon has. Firstly, the hit effects are gone. I liked them, a lot. And my memory fails me in regards to the color of the hand guard and pommel of the original sword, I can't recall whether they were thine standard metallic gray or, indeed, green as depicted here.

I must say, this turned out very nicely. The few minor quips are more nitpicking than actual faults. I am definately keeping this and, if you're a fan of swords, chinese martial arts cinema or you just like slicing and dicing stuff, I urge you to do the same. You won't be disappointed. Probably. Oh, and it comes with new sounds. Can't say much about them, though I do wonder why people give swords a draw sound, though there's nothing to draw them from. I know I've done the same with all my previous weapons, but back then I didn't think of it as I do today.

There is a line between sanity and insanity. On that line I stand.

- Jose

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Title   : Green Destiny (New model)
Author  : HOUOU
E-Mail	: 
Submitted date : 2007/11/12

File Name     : green_destiny.pk3

File Size     : 1.22MB

This weapon model "Green Destiny" is the sword of the legend 
that it appeared in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" of the movie.

In fact, I made the same sword one year ago.
But, the quality of that is really low. (When I watched a former model now, I thought so.)
Therefore, I made a model newly again.

This model was intended to be modeled after the original design endlessly.

[Saber Code]
"saber greendestiny"

BUGS       :
It wasn't found.

Again, I want to prove that my technology changed. This is my little challenge.
I one year ago couldn't make the thing whose quality was high. 
I believe that it learned to make high quality in comparison with the thing one year ago.

Put green_destiny.pk3 to the
/lucas arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder.


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