There's green and there's green and this is certainly green! To be honest I think it's too green, nicely done however but seriously too green! If you are one of those players who hide and pounce on victims and you're not on a jungle map though you're going to stick out like Michael Jackson.

The green aside...texturing is purdy, it has an animal feel to it which makes it quite different from the original model it is based on (a stormtrooper). In fact this skin does a very good job of hiding the fact it is a stormtrooper model. I like the way it flows over the entire body to give a sense of animal about it. No sharp edges and the hint of an animal face on the back.

It's a shame it doesn't have new sounds however, obviously team support would be near impossible but new sounds would be a bonus, I think some kind of predator sounds would go down very well.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No




Skin name: GreenShadow


Email: [email protected]

Description: Its a version of the original shadowtrooper. 
             It has green colours, and it has an animal 
             face on his back.

Installation: Unzip to your GameData/base folder in your JKA directory.

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