Griffinclaw's Jedi Council 2.0

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This is a classic free for all map from Griffinclaw which was originally on the main GameFront site. It's the second version of the Jedi Council GC map, and the final version by the original order. 

It supports all game mods, however there is no full bot support in this version. You can find the 1.0 version from 2002 here.



-              Griffinclaw's Jedi Council             -
-						      -
-                     Version 3.1                     -
-	   					      -
-						      -
-                                                     -
-                                                     -
-                                                     -
-                                                     -
-                                                     -
-          © Copyright 2003 Jedi Master Griffinclaw   -
-              http://www.orderofthejedi.org          -

Released: April 29, 2003

Game Modes:All
Bot Routing:Not yet
Custom Music and Textures: Yes

Installation: Extract the jedicouncilgc.pk3 file to your GameData/base folder. Do whatever you want with the readme.txt file. I don't care. You're gonna delete it anyway, aren't you? I knew it...punk.

Description: Slightly updated third version of Jedi Council GC. It's been a long time comin', but I finally got the motivation to finish off the "final" version of my attempt at the Jedi Council building in Ep. 1 and 2. This time around, I have updated most of the rooms, and have also added a good section of extra areas. Of highest importance is the addition of the trial chamber and hall of elders from GC version 2 (which was never officially released), and new to the GC scene is a section based on the Room of a Thousand Fountains from a certain Star Wars book. Other areas of note are 8 more bedrooms, many with unique lighting or decoration, updated training and classrooms, with an extended Jump Room, as well as a Medical Quarters in case anyone is in dire need of healing. 

Also, this new version supports all game modes, however does not feature bot routing at the moment. As soon as I get some experience with this, I will put it in the next version. I also realize that the council chairs are not updated in this release. I am in the process of attaining some models of the chairs, so they WILL be in the next release. Hope you enjoy!

Any questions can be asked at our clan website.

MAP ISSUES: None that I know of. There may be a missing texture or two, but I haven't found them. Hopefully I will before you do! Also, there is a hidden council room stashed away. There is no way of entering this room without cheat codes. This was a special-order room by the Order's request and is not meant to be accessed by normal means.

Order Website = http://www.orderofthejedi.org
Order Server IP =
IWWOA's Website (mapping/skinning)= http://iwwoa.orderofthejedi.org

**Special Thanks**

-I would like to thank Zathu Koon for giving me the idea and concept art, and help to create the Room of a Thousand Fountains, as well as supplying the Order's texture in the Trial Chamber, along with some other custom textures.I would also like to thank Jedi Knight Xaelus for beta testing and finding all kinds of dreaded z-fighting, and Praxeum for his constant patience with me and my uploading requests.

-Extra thanks to everyone else that I couldn't remember that helped me with ideas, bug finding, and constant annoying requests :)

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