Gully of the Mist

This map is very green, so keep that in mind if you're deciding whether or not to download it. If it's not your favorite color...


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This map is very green, so keep that in mind if you're deciding whether or not to download it. If it's not your favorite color you might get quickly annoyed.

The second thing you'll notice about the map -- after you realize how green it is! -- is that it's positively huge. The drawback to this, though, is that it's immensely large but doesn't have the extra detail to back up the space. The result is a lot of random terrain with very little detail. It's almost as if the terrain is supposed to be the focal point of the map which I don't think makes a whole lot of sense.

Besides the less than rolling hills and valleys this map sports various trees, most of which have been turned into structures. This design (and the map name) really made me think of Fern Gully the whole time I was watching it (I'll be pleased if none of you have seen that movie). It's like you're a little person in a giant forest. Unfortunately foliage is kept to a minimum which kind of ruins the 'forest' feel for me.

From a gameplay perspective I can't see this map really bringing much to the table. It's possible to get stuck in some of the deeper crevasses, and even if you don't get stuck it'll take you god knows how long to find another person to fight. As an exercise in terrain it's alright. As a playable map... I'd say optimize it a bit for gameplay. There's something to be said for some more subtle terrain.

Bot Support: No New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes Game Modes: ffa, ctf

This archive contains the texture fix for the last version as well as the map. The fix is included as a separate PK3, so if you already have the map you can simply use the new PK3 along with the old one to fix the missing texture.


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Download '' (10.61MB)

Gully of the Mist - JkA/JK2 - FFA - tffa - CTF

Title			: Gully of the Mist
GAME			: Jedi Knights Jedi Academy

Author			: S. Robinson (Boddo)
Website			:

File Name		: gotem.pk3
File Size		: 10 MBytes
Date Released	: oct 11th '07

Description: The Gully of the Mist.
This is a large size map, wanted to try out terrain, but also wanted to see how big of an open area i could make, while maintaining a decent frame rate. I think i suceeded. distance culling and farplanedist were assets.

Map is for JKA, though it also works in JK2! so Yay!

and for mappers out there, this pk3 also contains the source file and assets. (use gtkradiant 1.5 though)

all original boddo textures: yes 100%

default textures: 0%

cust shaders: yes

custom models: yes

custom music: yes

support: ffa - tffa - CTF

bot support: no, though I may release a
seperate pk3 that adds bot support down
the road.

secrets: kinda

light compile: -light -fast -filter -patchshadows
Contruction time: few days
total Brushes: 3385
default textures: 0%

Programs used:
Gimp (the Gnu image manipulation program)
GtkRadient 1.5
easygen - so easy

extract to your GameData\base folder under jkA game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer maps as gotem.

this map nor nor is in any way affiliated with lucas arts or georgy lucas, raven and whoever else made these great games.

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