Gungan Warlord Obi Wan

Well what we have here is a reskin of the obi-wan model. Remember the saber for the gungan warlord? Well this skin is made in his colors. An...


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Well what we have here is a reskin of the obi-wan model. Remember the saber for the gungan warlord? Well this skin is made in his colors. And it doesn't look bad.

First off I like the color contrast. Black and gold go well with each other. Especially if the outfit's main color is black and the gold is the trim. Okay, now let's get off the color scheme. While most of the body looks cloth, the sash does not. Why? It's solid black. While this might not look too bad, it does look a little strange. The trim one one side of the skin sometimes does not match the trim on the other side, but when you look at it with the point of view that the trim might be some hard to find material, it's understandable. One rather trivial detail is how some of the areas are not congruent to the corresponding areas opposite them. On the back of the sash, for instance, it looks like one spot was taken out a little bit, while it wasn't done on the other side. Oh, and then there's the eyes. They look freaky. Who has gold eyes? This guy does. While gold eyes may look cool, they also look freaky. But in a kind of good way. :)

While this does look moderately good, like all things, it could use some work. On this skin, it's on the belt. While the rest of the skin doesn't look bad in the gold and black, the belt has been left alone. I'm not telling the author to make the belt gold and black as well, but to put a very thin gold trim around the edges of the belt, as a symbol of wealth.

The author has included the gungan warlord saber hilt in this, to make it a sort of "package deal"

Bot Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: No (Regular obi wan sounds)


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

TITLE: Gungan Warlord's Spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi
AUTHOR: Maranghello

FILENAME: Gungan Warlord´ Kenobi.pk3
FILESIZE: 3.582 kbs

DATE RELEASED: 26 june, 2006 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**:Place the pk3 file in the base folder in your JA´s Game Data folder. 

Description: The suit obi1 wears here, was meant for a gungan model... Unfortunatley I´ve been having unespected
issues with it. Not to panic! It´s been worked in even now. In the meanwhile, this re-skinned Hapslash´s Obi1.
It wears the gungan Warlord's armor, and of course, his saber. Hope you like ´em both!

Credits: Hapslash, for his great obi1. Revan Dark and Data Lord for their great advices on modelling and skinning,
and well of course, my self!!!

BUGS: Not known so far...

COMMENTS: Hope u like it!


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