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We really don't get many HUD's lately, and it's always nice to see a good one in the inbox. This one is based on the HUD from a g...


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We really don't get many HUD's lately, and it's always nice to see a good one in the inbox. This one is based on the HUD from a game called .Hack//Infection, which in itself revolves around a very interesting concept.

The HUD itself seems like a fairly faithful replica of the original. There are some very minor inconsistencies when compared side by side, but it's nothing you would ever notice. The only issue I have with this HUD is that it absolutely lacks any indication of your saber style. Which may prove to be a big downside in some duels, especially if you want to surprise your opponent with a sudden uppercut, and you don't know if your using the strong or fast style without giving it away.

Overall quite a nice HUD, and if you don't mind the lack of saber style bar, or a random face staring back at you, mocking you, laughing at your misery, then give this a download.

In this version the major update is the inclusion of the saber style indicator, which was originally missing. Just be warned that the blue style indicator is a little hard to see as it blends in with the blue background, but the style indicators are functional. There is also a second version of the HUD that includes a grey version of the blue bar -- there are no issues seeing the blue saber indicator here.

A simple tutorial has also been added to let users know how to customize the HUD for their own personal use. Want to change the picture shown in the HUD? This is your chance! The author has also promised to provide assistance to those who are unable to follow the tutorial, so take him up on his offer if you need to. :)


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Download 'dothackhudv11.zip' (146KB)

.Hack HUDv1.1

Author		:  Raggle
E-mail		:  rage@slhclan.com
MSN		:  rage@slhclan.com
ICQ		:  
Web		:  www.slhclan.com

Modname		:  .hack HUD v1.1
Filename	:  HackHUDv1.1.zip
Filesize	:  75.9/71(black) KB
Releasedate	:  August 7,2007

Buildtime	:  around a week.

New textures	:  Yes


Only place ONE of the two HUDS in the base folder.

NOTE: If you use a mod like Force Mod 3 or JA+ then put the pk3 into
the mod's folder! eg. JA+ = Japlus folder

>Special Thanks...

Darth Norman: for letting me use his Republic Commando HUD as a layout.

Bandai      : for making an offline game that pretends to be online.


I was inspired by the .hack series so I decided to make a HUD looking like it. It took so long mostly because of my 
lazyness, and tryingto find something that looked ok, it went through around 3 versions before this one.
I also added a black version just because some people might not like blue, and I like this shade of black :) 
Nothing much has changed since the last version, this one only has the Saber style display. Included also is a tutorial
on how to make your own, i decided to add this because someone asked me how to add their own picture, if you can't do it
i'll do it for you. just be sure to read that "HowTo" included :)


none that I know of.

>other notes...

you ARE allowed to use this HUD for anything, just include this readme in the file.

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