Hairball Chiss

Wow... That's the first word to my mind when I saw this skin. Seriously, it looks like a leopard ate MS Paint and threw up and died on t...


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File Description

Wow... That's the first word to my mind when I saw this skin.

Seriously, it looks like a leopard ate MS Paint and threw up and died on this skin, after which a baby came and drew all over head. There are random markings all over most of the skin, a leopard type of pattern applied to the torso, a some parts desaturated, then possibly had a filter or two thrown on it. I'm not even going to get into the team skins... There is pretty much no skill in what has been made, it looks more like someone tested out different things in their first time with a decent graphics program, then decided to submit the result. That being said, at least you know there is nowhere to go but up for this one.

Try making things a bit less random, and clean the whole thing up a bit. I imagine that even if it weren't less random, but cleaner looking, it would prolly get a lot more downloads...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that it also overwrites the default Chiss. Give it a download if you like it.


Bot Support: Default Chiss NPC Support: Default Chiss New Sounds: Default Chiss Team Support: Yes

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Welcome to the Hairball Chiss Reskin.

Put this in your base folder.

Programs Used: GIMP! 

Programs not used: Monty Python.

Raven Software.

Disclaimer: This modification is not supported by giant newbies native to t2_trip,
nor is it supported by the swoop mercs that live there.
It is neither supported by the assassin droids of T2_Rogue,
Nor Smelled by LucasArts, Raven Software, Giant hopping bunnys of: 
Monty Python, Pork Chops, or supported by LucasArts entertainment, LLC.
It isnt supported by Raven either.... (Ugly birds... ive always hated ravens.... theyre loud too)
And if your superstitious, ravens might mean you gonna DIE SOON! But seriously,
we arent talking about birds here. Were talking about a company.
Raven Software. They wont support this mod, so get over it.
While I have always thought GL made smelly farts... well, lets please not go there.
But, yeah, if you asked LucasArts or Raven (NOT THE BIRD PEOPLE!) Software for support,
they would tell you to flush yourself down the toilet, and drown. No, seriously guys! They would.

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