Halloween Frost

This map is small, simple, and really just an overhaul of the previous version. Granted, it's now more sensible, but it...


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This map is small, simple, and really just an overhaul of the previous version. Granted, it's now more sensible, but it's still dead basics.

The general outline is that it's a square arena with a pit. The pit contains a rod of magma ( o_0 ) and a rancor. Lightning will strike in the pit occasionally dealing fatal damage if it connects with a player. Oh, and there's a rancor.

This map has all the hallmarks of a typical first map, and I assume it is, so I'm really not going to judge it as I'd judge something from an experienced mapper. I'm merely going to suggest that the author moves on and works on something higher up the food chain.

As a starter map, well, I've seen worse and I've seen better. At least FuL*CruM has a good mind of what he does wrong, and how to fix it for an update. I see that you have some potential, FuL*CruM, so push forward, challenge yourself, see how far you can push your abilities.

~ Kouen

(Tip: As awesomely sexy as Matt Uelman's work for the Diablo II soundtrack is, it sadly doesn't work for games centered around action.)

Bot Support: No Custom Music: Yes Custom Textures: No Custom Models: No

Gametypes: Free-For-All Team Free-For-All Duel Powerduel

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Download 'frostyyyyv2.zip' (5.14MB)

Halloween Frost

A JK3-JK2 map by FuL*CruM


Built on October-13-2006.

Credits to: Ravensoft, myself

How to install:

Unzip hall_of_snow into your gamedata/base folder
Be sure to delete the pk3 file in order to get rid of it.

If this readme is copied into another files readme, notify me and ill upgrade the map if they wish to make a mod out of it.


1000 years ago, on Friday the 13th, Jedi battled here. Whoever won was elected Jedi of the 13th. Be careful for lightning.
It can hurt you if you get struck by it.

Build Time: 30 minutes

(c) FuL*CruM Electronics Inc.


Build Time increased by 1.5 hours (thats 1hr. 30 minutes)
Music is added
A rancor is in the pit
New Skybox
Walls are added along the edges
Arena file is fixed

Built on October-18-2006

Credits to: FuL*CruM(which is me you rotten-no-good-reviwers-that-put-me-as-annonymous)

JK3 map

(c)FuL-Crum Electronics Inc.


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