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This skinpack contains four skins: zombie Jan, zombie Galak, zombie Kyle, and mummy Luke. The skins themselves look good, although I...


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This skinpack contains four skins: zombie Jan, zombie Galak, zombie Kyle, and mummy Luke. The skins themselves look good, although I have some realistic-ness issues with them... Yes, I know zombies aren't real, but if they were they'd follow certain real-life rules... like how dead people don't bleed. Plus you'd think they'd be a little decayed, whereas these skins just seem to be missing chunks and comparatively bleeding very little for it.

Each skin has bot support, NPC support, and new sounds. Some of the skins have team support (seems to just be copies of the default skin) and some simply link to the original model's team support, which is odd. Overall a good package for Halloween, although a little far out in some ways. Still, very timely and should give you a bit of a chill.

The above four skins are included in this mod, however it goes a little bit further than that to give you the whole Halloween experience. Using ghastly images sourced from across the wide reaches of Google, phonock has created a Halloween-inspired menu as well as thirteen options for the drop-down console. You heard me. Thirteen. Like Friday the Thirteenth. Ooooooh creeeeepy.

The consoles vary in subject from evil-looking clowns to blurry ghost-like figures to cartoon depictions of Frankenstein's monster (yes, kiddies, the monster's name is not Frankenstein -- Frankenstein was the scientist!). Definitely a lot to choose from here to really personalize your Halloween theme, and since this mod doesn't affect gameplay you can safely be in the Halloween mood without having to worry about anyone else! Make sure to give this one a look if you want a little something extra to 'decorate' your game.


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=Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy=

TITLE: Halloween Theme
AUTHOR: phonock
E-MAIL: dsebalipa@yahoo.com

DATE RELEASED: 10 October 2007

DESCRIPTION: It's October now,which means it's Halloween month.So i changed the startup screen,console and main menu looks to fits with this month theme(scary and fun).
Also includes 3 zombies skins(Kyle,Jan and Galak) and 1 mummy(Luke).

Credits: Special thanks to Buffy The Sith Slayer for her colorwise(choosing this theme color),music and of course screenshots.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the contents and put Halloween_theme.pk3 file into your Jedi Academy\Gamedata\Base folder.
UNINSTALL:  Remove the Halloween_theme.pk3 file from Base folder.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for Install folder: First go to Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Install.Then backup default install folder.
After that put this new intstall folder and replace the default one.
UNINSTALL: Replace the files with the backups

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS for console: Unzip the contents and copy only one of console.pk3 file which it wants to use.Then put pk3 file to Jedi Academy\Gamedata\Base folder.
UNINSTALL:  Remove the console.pk3 file from Base folder.


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