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Ok so, I'm sure everyone has heard of the Halo games, and most would have played it before. That said, you probably know about the sword wea...


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Ok so, I'm sure everyone has heard of the Halo games, and most would have played it before. That said, you probably know about the sword weapon which can be used. So, now you can bring your sword swinging fun from Halo, right into Jedi Academy.

This model was originally released for JK2, but the developer has now released this compatability add-on to make the weapon functional in JK3. Reasoning for simply making it an add-on was because a v2 is currently under construction which will function in JK3.

The model itself is well crafted, to me it seemed very accurate, and looks quite good. An array of sounds were included, which sound great, however there was one sound when you ignite your saber by using an attack, where the saber sound still remains, I've not made weapons for Jedi Academy before, so I'm not sure if this was something you were unable to change, but it would definately be nicer if it could also be replaced with a a similiar sound to the set you have used for other things.

To be honest, I'm getting fairly sick of Halo, and I'm not even willing to play it on Xbox anymore, so I definately don't want to bring it into Jedi Academy, so personally this mod isn't for me. But for those Halo enthusiasts, or those who may have not played it before, you may enjoy this weapon quite a lot. Nice work by the developer.


- AmonRa

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Download 'halo_sword_jk3_compatibility_addon.zip' (1.1MB)


AUTHOR: LukeSkillz

EMAIL: [email protected]

BUILD TIME: I took three days on the JK2 version overall, but I probably only spent around 6 hours on it. I spent about 15 minutes building and testing the JK3 addon.

INSTALLATION: Download the latest version of the Halo Sword from 


to your 'base' folder (usually located somewhere like C:Program FilesLucasArtsJedi Knight III Jedi AcademyGameDatabase). (NOTE: v1 of halosword.pk3 is included in this addon release, but it will soon be out of date)

Install the Compatibility Addon to your base folder as well. Now you're ready to launch JK3 and use the Halo Sword!

DESCRIPTION: Originally this file was made for the upcoming JK2 Jedi Customization Pack, but it turned out so good I decided I'd release it independantly for those who might just want the plasma sword as seen in the video game series: Halo.

This mod will change MOST lightsabers to being plasma swords, remove the traditional lightsaber blade, and change the blur to a nifty color trail rather than a lightsaber streak. On top of that, new sounds have been added, so you don't feel like you're just swinging a huge lightsaber hilt.

BUGS: No real bugs that I know of. One thing that may be considered a sort of a 'bug' is how the player model holds the sword. Lets just say the hands aren't right on it...the reason is not because I couldn't align the hand with the hilt, but because if I had, fighting would have been awkward (as it is with the existing Elite Plasma Sword for JK3). So I chose to go with the worse of two evils and have the hand position be off and the fighting still great.

NOTES: (a) If you use this for your own mods or whatnot, PLEASE include this readme with it and don't claim to have created this file! (b) This Addon will be sufficient for ALL updates that may come along for the Halo Sword. Currently v1 is the only one available, but v2 will work with this compatibility addon as well. (c) Though I hope this is obvious, you can't run the Halo Sword in JK3 with just one or the other of the required pk3's in your base folder. BOTH must be present. (d) if you decide you want to be able to use regular sabers, you CAN move the halosword.pk3 elsewhere and KEEP the addon in your base. The effects of the Halo Sword will be gone except for an entry in the menu showing the Halo Sword as an option for you to select. (e) "Why an addon instead of a full JK3 release?" This version of the Halo Sword will soon be out of date. Rather than create another soon-to-be out of date file or wait until v2 is ready, I made the addon pack. It will work with v1, v2 and even v3, if there is one. If I see a reason to update the addon pack as well, you can expect a v1.2 of it as well. The real point of an addon instead of a full release is, therefore, to make things easier on everyone.


12/2/08 approx. 12:00pm - Initial release for those keeping up with the comments on the JK2 version
12/2/08 approx 2:00pm - version 1.1 release improving the addon to function more as was intended and minimize the file size to a mere 29KB


Last of all, I would like to repeat the name "JK2 Jedi Customization Pack"! It is currently at alpha 4, and aiming for beta 1 public release. BUT, for that to happen (and for the mod to ever get past beta 1) we need a bigger team of skinners! If you are a GOOD skinner (i.e. no MSPaint users, please) you are invited to participate in the creation of this huge customization mod!

Check it out in the filefront forums (use the navpanel on the left, select "The Community/Jedi Knight 2/Modding and Editing")


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