Hana the Kyuubi V2

Well this skin is a rather too simple job, it looks like inuyasha although I could be wrong. It has yellow hair, the robes have been...


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Well this skin is a rather too simple job, it looks like inuyasha although I could be wrong. It has yellow hair, the robes have been painted redishly orange. Now around the waist area, the skin seems to be missing something there because it looks transparent there, and I sure it shouldn't be that way. Also the author claims this is a female skin and yet it looks too male and flat chested to be a female cause well you picked a male model to do this.

There is absence of detail on all the skin, looks like a simple paintbucket job. The sounds are a few noises of what appear to be monsters or something.

Also, the skin lacks bot, npc and team support. Overall not a very good skin, it could use a lot more detail and also it would be nice that you fix the waist area because it really stands out.

Team Support: No Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: Yes

Ayane Yamazaki

This new submission, while an improvement, isn't without it's flaws. The main one being that the new sounds make this "Female" character sound like a teenage boy. And while the there's new textures, the armor looks a bit fuzzy. It still doesn't have bot nor npc nor team support, so it's still lacking in that department.

If you liked the V1 of this skin you'd probably like this one as it is an improvement, while not a huge one, it's still worthy of mention. Judge it by looking at the screenshots, which I had to take because the author did not submit one. Sorry if they don't look too good, I was rushed while taking them.

Also just as a tip, get a girl to say those lines for you and you're all set, also try to set your sounds.cfg to f instead of m so when the character rolls, it doesn't sound as a male.

Team Support: No Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: Yes

Ayane Yamazaki

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Download 'hana_the_kyuubi_v2.zip' (1.13MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Hana, the Kyuubi V2.0
AUTHOR: saruman 45
E-MAIL: plturtle@bellsouth.net

FILESIZE: 1,233 kb
DATE RELEASED: 04 January 2008

CREDITS:to Naraku for making his Naraku model and major credit to SoulReaper92 for making and attaching the sounds.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Take the KyuubiV2.pk3 file and put it in your "C:/program files/lucasarts/JediAcademy/GameData/Base" folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is V2 of my Hana the Kyuubi skin. It is still a female, but this time she is suited up in this big armor which makes it look male. i know it doesn't look very much like an anime character, but i always pictured it this way. These textures are photosourced(sp?) directly off GOOGLE IMAGES. Exept the armor, which is shadowtrooper armor, turned silver by me. The face is still the same.

BUGS: none I know of, please alert me of any if you find some. Really this time.

COMMENTS: I fixed the invisible hips by covering it with the silver armor. The sounds are now totally different, like when you fall, the sound is a yawn, like the Kyuubi is saying "that don't hurt" or something.



Naraku Skin for Jedi Academy

Author: [MAFiA]Naraku

Email: jackass2580@yahoo.com

Finally a naraku skin from the anime series inuyasha I was tired of just 
seeing an inuyasha skin pack with only good characters of the show
so i made naraku, inuyasha's greatest enemy. I would like to 
thank jk3files and all the people for inspiring me to make 
this skin. I hope you like it!

extract pk3 file(s) to: gamedir/GameData/base

Just delete the pk3 files from the base folder.
Legal Stuff

By reading this document, at anytime, you have just accepted this as a contract, not hold the creator, website admin(s), 
hosting the skin, LucasArts, Raven, or any of the third parties mentioned in this document, responsible for any lawsuits 
or legal issues that may or maynot incur.

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