Harder NPC's

When playing through the single player campaign, it becomes increasingly obvious that those Jedi who are supposed to help you are completely...


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When playing through the single player campaign, it becomes increasingly obvious that those Jedi who are supposed to help you are completely useless. Not only can they not fight their way out of a box, but they continually get in your way when you're trying to kill those pesky reborn! This mod should take care of that problem by having the Jedi fight on the reborn's side, so you can slaughter them along with the reborn. While this causes continuity problems, it does make for a more interesting game.

This mod also gives Jawas weapons and makes them attack you. I found that kind of handy because I'd always accidentally kill them while trying to kill the Tuskens anyway, and now I don't have to feel guilty about it. However the fact that they have blasters does not make them any more challenging than just cutting them down in cold blood. After minor testing I discovered one reflected blaster bolt will spell out their demise. This'll be handy for folks with consciences, but for folks who want a challenge this particular bit of this mod probably won't do much for them.

Besides the team swapping, this mod is supposed to make the NPC's "harder" to defeat, as you may have guessed from the mod name. The author openly admits in his read-me that this doesn't really make them more difficult. It simply alters some Force powers (giving them more) and, as I mentioned, swaps over the teams for the Jedi and Jawas. So while it doesn't necessarily enhance the difficulty of the single player campaign all that much, it will make for a more interesting play through, especially since you'll have to focus on combating more Force powers rather than just barreling in with your lightsaber.


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Download 'hardernpcs.zip' (24KB)

TITLE: Harder NPC's
AUTHOR: Mark Lancaster -aka- LordVader2006 
E-MAIL: Mark-lancaster@hotmail.com (feel free to add me on msn)
WEBSITE: www.myspace.com/morpheus2006 (<<<dunno if myspace counts) 

FILENAME: hardernpcs.pk3 
FILESIZE: 29 kb 
DATE RELEASED: september 9th 2006 

CREDITS: Me of course, for making and compiling mod myself, and =ADS=Sion<UL> for testing, ty sion.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the .pk3 file from the zip straight into your base folder and it will automaticly run, 
or put into a new folder in gamedata for it to appear in the mods list on the setup menu ingame. 

DESCRIPTION: Hey guys, this is my first ever released mod so go easy on me, basicly it makes the game's npc's 
(non-player characters) a bit more tougher, it also gives sith higher force powers and all jedi npc's will have
red lightsabers and have teamed up with the reborn. it replaces some enemy weapons with more powerful ones, and jawas
also have weapons and will fight you. To be very honest, the difficulty isnt really that much harder but the main
difference is the jedi attacking you and the jawa's new weapons.

BUGS: None that i know of, please tell me if there are any, tho there shouldnt be. 

COMMENTS: there was no beta for this mod as i couldnt really think of any point lol, but feel free to email
me for any improvments, like telling me to trash the naff idea. 

COMPILE TIME: about 1 hour, 1 boring hour.


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