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This skin is supposed to be a rendition of Haseo from .hack//G.U.. I'm not particularly familiar with this, but just like anyone els...


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This skin is supposed to be a rendition of Haseo from .hack//G.U.. I'm not particularly familiar with this, but just like anyone else in the world I'm able to look up Wikipedia and am able to search Google. I was unable to find any images that looked remotely like this, but I'm willing to admit that there may be other possible outfits. Whether that's true or not can be confirmed or denied by the fans, though.

This reskin uses Broli and Jimesu Evil's Advent Children Cloud model and ZeroTM's White Cloud reskin to create this reskin. Now I did not see any images of Haseo in a white outfit, which is what he wears here. The color of the hair is accurate though, as are the markings under the eyes. The face though, other than the markings, has not been changed, so it's basically still Cloud.

Custom sounds and other extras have not been included, but seem to be planned for future installments of this skin.

This update to the original Haseo Denariax skin is definitely closer to the original, coming as close as possible to accuracy with a moderately unfitting model. The face, beyond the markings, is still unchanged, and the texturing on the torso doesn't match up from the front to the back, but the effort is certainly there. Also, unfortunately, no new sounds have been added as we expected from the last version.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Title: Haseo Denariax (V2)
Author: Denariax
Email: Denariax@hotmail.com

Filename: haseo.pk3
Filesize: 475kb
Date Released: June 13th, 2007

Credits: Everything I said before, except now that I have loads of credit to WeedSmoker for teaching me a few things with skinning, as well as my friend at school who is a mad skillz sig maker.

Description: To the last Haseo Denariax, no one liked the idea that it wasn't close to the actual Haseo from Dot Hack GU. I decided to heed the call and make a (Not perfect, but similar) Haseo from the first GU game. There is still the arm cloth, so that was made to somehow go along with the style. The torso has been changed to slightly resemble the Vol1 Haseo. The arm has been littered with metal bands. The tattoos ARE taken from images, and it was quite difficult to put them in the right spots. Everything else is custom. It has the face from the last one as well, so nothing new on that.

Bugs: Again, no custom sounds. The major bugs I found were not from the model, but the way I skinned. The skin on the torso is flat colors, and some of the textures are misplaced.

Comments: Again, thank you, Raven and CyberConnect2. Also thanks to Aegis, someone none of you know.

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