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The thing about clan skins is that there has to be some continuity. But sometimes that means that all the skins start looking the same. Whil...


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The thing about clan skins is that there has to be some continuity. But sometimes that means that all the skins start looking the same. While not all of these skins are exactly alike, most of them share the same look. The HaVok clan seems to be fans of brightly colored (think neon) Reborns. A few skins do have some shader work here and there (though the screenshots don't show it) and some are a bit more than simple recolors. But you're going to have to decide for yourself if you like these skins. At the very least, their clan tag isn't plastered all over these skins. ;)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Download 'havokskinpack.zip' (13.32MB)

Title: HaVoK Skin Pack
Author: Various Members of the HaVoK Clan: i.e. Ace and K01dr3n.
E-Mail: dsrcerberus@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.havokclan.tk
File Name : HaVoKSkinPack.zip
Date Released: 18th December 2004
Modification Type: JKA Mulitplayer Skin.
Build / Production Time: Quite a while. To make all of them, about 10 days, but each skin took about an hour for each skin.
Known Bugs: None found. If any are found, please send a detailed report, and I will attempt to fix it.
Comments / Description:
A skin pack for the whole clan. I originally set out to do one of these for a member, because he asked. Soon, though, everyone in the clan was asking for them. I found myself constantly making skins. Soon, after I sorted out all of the people that were the most important, I created about 6-7 skins. Another member in the clan is also a skinner, so he helped out, and he created like 2-3 skins. So, after creating all of these skins, everyone continued asking if they needed skins, so I set out to find someone to put these things on the websites. I had a trusty friend who said he could get them up, and so he got them. These skins are just made on the member's description. One skin, the orange one, took me a good hour and a half because of the pulsing on it. All in all though, I think it was worthwhile.
Raven Software
HaVoK Clan (http://www.havokclan.tk)
All of the main JK2/JKA download sites; LucasFiles, JediKnight.net, PCGameMods, JK2Files/JK3Files, and The Massassi Temple.
Files Included:
ace_reborn.pk3 -- My Skin
blade_reborn.pk3 -- Blade's Skin
cloud_reborn.pk3 -- Cloud's Skin
dixrouse.pk3 -- Dix-Rouse's Skin
impaler.pk3 -- Impaler's Skin
impaler_reborn.pk3 -- Impaler Second Skin
midnight_reborn.pk3 -- Midnight's Skin
nug_reborn.pk3 -- Nugget's First Skin
nugg_reborn.pk3 -- Nugget's Final Skin
patrice.pk3 -- Patrice's Skin
psycho.pk3 -- K01dr3n's Skin
roach_tusken.pk3 -- Roach's Skin
tubbz_imperial.pk3 -- Tubbsy's Skin
valgov.pk3 -- Valgov's Skin
ReadMe.txt -- This file
Total Amount of Files: Fourteen .PK3s and one .TXTs
Skinning Tools:
MS Paint
ModView (Raven Tools)
MS Notepad
Extract the pk3s into the GameDir\GameData\base folder. Remove any previous versions of this pack. You will need a .Zip-supporting program to open and extract the .pk3s in this file.
Delete any and all of the files that were located in the HaVoKSkinPack.zip file.
Extra Info:
New Model: No: Used the Reborn, Reborn Master, Tusken Raider, and the Imperial Officer models.
CTF / CTY Support: Yes.
Bot Support: No.
Player Icons: Yes.
Custom Sounds: No new sounds.

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