Hawaiian Reelo

This very original and colorfull Reelo is definetly something different then the ussual onces. The swimming suit has a lovely flowerprint....


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This very original and colorfull Reelo is definetly something different then the ussual onces. The swimming suit has a lovely flowerprint. And I'm pretty sure the rodian girls won't get enough of him when they hear him sing songs by the Beach Boys.This skin is very fun to play with. It's definetly worth checking out. Though this skin won't be suitable for everyone.It also has some nice details like a belly button and what i believe are sandals, and ofcourse the life preserver. Though you can still see the model used to wear clothing.


Team Support : Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

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Download 'hawaiianreelo.zip' (1.16MB)

xxxxxx      Hawaiian Reelo      xxxxxx
xxxxxx        Skinned by        xxxxxx
xxxxxx         ÐoAºSe7eN        xxxxxx

Hawaiian Reelo: I made this skin for a 
member of my clan, Azuma Azreal, who 
wanted a skin based off of this model. 
For some odd reason, this is what transpired.
 Once the skin was finished, it became quite 
popular on our servers so I decided to send it off
for the publics entertainment. We have all
been to the beach and seen that fat guy
in his skin tight swim trunks, well now
you dont have to shudder away, its reelo!
Hawaiian Reelo is fully decked out in his
pimp hawaiian clothes, with his life preserver 
around his neck as I am certain he cant swim. We 
wouldnt want reelo to drown, now would we?
....well most of us wouldnlt anyways.
For the server admins, please have mercy 
on the ones who use this skin, as I am
110% sure the taunt will be spammed!

Credits: The reelo skin was made by the
makers of Jedi Academy, the taunt belongs 
to the Beach Boys.....lol
THe other sounds are also from the gamemakers,
I just took SP sounds and replaced the MP
default sounds.

Clan Name: Dark Order Alliance ( ÐoAº)
Author: ÐoAºSe7eN
Website: http://www.DoAOwnage.com
Email: [email protected]

Install: Unzip the hawaiian_reelo.zip
into your Gamedata/base folder.

Uninstall: Simply remove Hawaiian_reelo.pk3
from your Gamedata/base folder.

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