Heineken Larger - Bottle and Glass Mini-Mod v2!

Well, we got a mini-mod which edits the bottle and glass models in JKA. I'll begin by giving you the review by Nozyspy a few days ago from t...


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Well, we got a mini-mod which edits the bottle and glass models in JKA. I'll begin by giving you the review by Nozyspy a few days ago from the V1 version which WarlockPredator released.

I must admit, upon seeing this I was rather surprised! What this mod does is re-texture the JKA wine bottle to look like a bottle of Heineken and the large glass to look like a beer glass. Apparently this mod is mainly aimed at Lugormod users, or users of similar mods.

The reason I was surprised by this file is that the models it re-textures are very tiny, and as such are often overlooked when placed in a map. They do however add to the feel of a map, especially if it is a barroom setting. These re-skins make the setting all the more believable, and I am very impressed that even the smallest models in JKA have not been forgotten when it comes to giving them a makeover!

As for improvements, I would suggest maybe making the textures a bit higher resolution, and trying to line the textures up on the wine bottle a bit better. Besides that though, it looks good!

Well that’s about it folks, there isn’t really much more I can say about this mod, since it is quite small. What I will say though is that I think this idea is really cool, and I am sure that users of Lugormod will enjoy using these models especially!


Well, now we have the V2 and its definately an improvement. The label on the heineken bottle has been perfectly sized and placed, and the image quality looks to be better. I did notice one very minor thing, and it may just be my eyes after a long day at the office, but it seems as though the label is on a slight angle to the left, as I said, that might just be me, and frankly is not even noticable unless your looking for it.

And, my favourite... the beer glass. You have successfully made this game induce cravings for beer in me. It looks great, and im betting.. it would taste great to. I commend you on taking the advice given from your v1, and releasing this version with the improvements. Excellent job, and as nozy said, its great to see the community taking notice of the small details like these models, because sometimes, the smallest things can make the biggest difference. I'll be keeping this mod installed.

Enough from me though, I need to go get myself a nice cold beer.. :beer:

as for the rest of you.. I COMMAND THEE TO DOWNLOAD!

- AmonRa

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Download 'realistic_winebottle_beerglass_v2.rar' (45KB)

// Author: 69 @ Royal
// E-mail: royal81@vipmail.hu
// Mod Name: Realistic Beer Glass and Wine Bottle
// File Name: "Realistic_WineBottle_BeerGlass_v2.pk3"
// File Size: 54,3 KB

// Description: Changes the texture of Beer Glass and Wine Bottle Model. Pictures included.
		       V2: Reedited and fixed Heineken texture, fixed glass texture.

// Isntall: Open RAR File with Winrar, 
            then copy the "Realistic_WineBottle_BeerGlass_v2.pk3" into your GameData/BASE forder.

// Uninstall: Simply Delete the "Realistic_WineBottle_BeerGlass_v2.pk3" file.

// Note: If you have the version 1, Delete that!

// Copyright
iRevolution // Pro Gaming, Life, Style. |All Rights Reserved!|

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