Helghast Jedi

Reborn skins have always been boring. Recently, thanks to JKA, there has been a surge in the Cultist reskins. Unfortunately, I never found a...


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Reborn skins have always been boring. Recently, thanks to JKA, there has been a surge in the Cultist reskins. Unfortunately, I never found any that would suit my style until now. Everything was always too colorful, ugly, or just not quite in my taste. Fortunately, these game along.

These reskins are very detailed. The armor on them is quite impressive, and the eyes have been modified to orange. While the armor sort of looks greyscaled, it just looks good either way. I like it somehow, and for me that’s always been enough.

Included are team skins, replacing the center design with ever so faint colors. They are just there enough to tell the teams apart, which in my mind is perfect. From what I understand from the readme, this is a first skin. Usually, this means bad news for a reviewer. However, this is great.

Included are also new sounds. These are taken from killzone, and sound like the character is activating a com-link to talk. Again, as simple as this is, it is just totally cool. Again, nice job with these. The sounds are nice and crisp, just how I like them.

While I don’t know if the skins look like the Killzone models as the author intended (I’ve never played the game), they are certainly some nice work. For a first skin, this was a great start!


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	Helghast Jedi skin for JK3

Title: Helghast Jedi

Made By: MônkèÝ

Email Me At: MatthewEdwards410@hotmail.com

FileSize: 871 KB

Finished At: 29/11/04

I'd like to point out that this is my FIRST skin i have submitted.I'd
like to know from any experienced skinners how to add Bot Support and
shader making. Until then, enjoy!

I made this skin to celebrate the release of the long-anticipated PS2
exclusive game, KillZone, which i really like and thought it would
be a good first skin to start with. Plus i was bored. It's basically a Helghast version of the Cultist, which i think was the best for a Helghast-type skin. Feedback greatly appreciated!

Programs used:

ULead Photo Express 5.0 SE
And some other things i forgot..

KillZone sounds obtained from www.killzoneps2.com
Other sounds are the Shadowtrooper sounds.

(If you are wondering why there is a gun loading sound for a taunt, i'd think that a Helghast would load his gun before entering battle. Plus, my mic's broken and there's no decent Helghast voices on the 'Net. Not that i found anyway.)

Installation Instructions:

Extract the files in the ZIP file to the GameData/Base directory in your Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy directory.

Right, i've had my natter, go see the skin!


Oh yeah, hi Boon :p

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