Hell On The Taspir

Wow, this one was short. Wish I could say it was sweet, too, but meh. OK, basic outline. You start underneath a static model of the Raven...


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Wow, this one was short. Wish I could say it was sweet, too, but meh.

OK, basic outline. You start underneath a static model of the Raven's Claw. The landing pad is about the size of a Gameboy Advance SP (if you were to hold one up to your monitor and compare) - and that's at 1280x1024 resolution. Needless to say, it's not big enough. Anyway, you progress through a small canyon, go through a door, up an elevator, and kill an Imperial Officer. You then have to use two brain cells to figure out how to progress (hint: it's destructive), then you kill a few Workers. Down another tunnel, you kill some more Imperials. Then in the next pas- ah, you get the point. In the next room, there are several blocks you have to hop down to get to the door. I could find no way of opening said door, so I noclipped it. A cultist and some more Imperials await. Finally, we reach the end, which is a small outcropping leading to another static Raven's Claw. Then the level ends and it takes you to a Tier 1 mission from the actual SP game (for me it was t1_rail).

I could only find two scripted events that were used, and all one did was play one of Jaden's voiceclips before jumping down a shaft. The second was the end of level script.

What can be said? It's a simple case of running through the map, shooting things down.

The level could look far better, too. There are openings where there shouldn't be, texture glitches, and some places which just downright look ugly. Let's not forget that a LOT of textures are missing. Architecture is nothing special, either - the map is almost entirely made of blocks.

Oh, and as a side effect, while you have this pk3 in your base folder, the default Cultist skin turns purple.

It's so rare for us to get a singleplayer map, and I wish I could recommend this - but it's all been done before, and so much better, too.

I just hope the author doesn't let this bad review get them down, because they're not inherently useless - there's just a very good reason why people don't release first attempts, and that reason is that they need to get some practice and to refine their product. This one isn't necessarily bad, it's just far too flawed for my standards.

Refine your abilities and do extensive beta testing before releasing things. Your work will be much better quality if you put the extra time in.

~ Kouen

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Hell on the taspir/pokol a taspiron.
Jedi Knight: Jedi academy
TITLE**:hell on the taspir
AUTHOR**: swtrooper(douglas adam)
E-MAIL**: douglas.adam@freemail.hu

DATE RELEASED: 11 dec 2006

new textures:yes
new skins    :yes
new models:yes (napalmgabber s modell)
new music:yes (jk2)

total brushes:345
made:2 weak

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: unzip the pk3 file your gamedata/base.SHIFT AND 0 :devmap thetaspir

bugs: you shoud press long to the button on the last room.if you do good you can go to the next room.
thanks:napalmgabber with model and player_007 with help 

COMMENTS: taspir!!!

minden jog fenttartva!all rights reserved!

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