Hell Spectre: Demons of Nightmare

I haven't had a chance to try out the first version of this submitted, so I'm going to review it and pretend like it's a first version ;)...


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I haven't had a chance to try out the first version of this submitted, so I'm going to review it and pretend like it's a first version ;)

Sounds simple enough, right? A really darkened skin of the Palpatine model by Toonces. Sounds rather lame even, perhaps. Uh uh, it's not. When I read in the read-me that it had sounds from Diablo 2 and Wolfenstein, I had to check it out in-game to see how the sounds fit with the skin. Woooow. Creepy! The sounds fit very well with the skin, giving it a very hellish feel, as it should have. The sounds really make this skin.

Ther are seven versions of this skin: black, green, orange, purple, tan, teal, and white. The author mentioned that the white probably wasn't very good, but the only real problem I found with it was that it made the skin look less like a demon and more like an angel, so the sounds were kind of odd with that one. The rest are quite dark, and give some choice while not compromising the feel of the skin.

Into hell/satan/demons? Just into black? Definitely worth a look. I'd use it, but they're skeery...!

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No


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Download 'hellspectrev3.zip' (3.35MB)

Hell Spectre: Demons of Nightmare v3

Authors : Andrew Pemberton - Darkahn  (main author)
               Unknown - GIA SS Zyren
               Uknown - Lord Darchind
Clan : The Galactic Empire
Email/MSN : darkahnkiralv@hotmail.com
AIM : IxI Darkahn IxI
Clan Site : http://thegalacticempire.cjb.net
Clan Forums : http://imperialforums.cjb.net
Yahoo! IM : darkahnkiralv
X-Fire : darkahn

Version : 3.0 Final for JKA
New Textures : Yes
New Shaders : Yes
New Scripts (Bot Support) : No
New Sounds : Yes
New Models : No
Team Colors : Yes
Original Model: Palpatine by Toonces

Comments : This is a reskin of Toonces palpatine model for Jedi Outcast, availible at JK3Files.com 
Hell Spectres are certain types of Demons in Hell. If you're overly-Christian, or don't like demons, 
don't download this and don't comment, as your review is biased. For version 2, I've addedwhite glowing eyes 
on it. Also, I added a shader with the help of JoE Zyren that makes the eyes actually glow. New sounds have been 
added from various games, such as Diablo and Wolfenstein, I hope that isn't a problem. 
A white version of the skin has been added, though I'm not too happy with it. 
If anyone finds any bugs, please let me know. 
What's new in version 3? A completely redone white skin, an orange skin, a tan skin, a purple skin, a green skin,
and finally, a teal skin. The sounds have been changed again, with some new taunts, flourish-taunts, death sounds,
and pain sounds. Last but not least, several shader bugfixes. I hope you enjoy this skin as much as I enjoyed
working on it.

Known Issues : The white version isn't the best ever.
                         Dual Sabers do not work properly as the model is a Jedi Outcast model and needs recompiling.

Credits : 
Toonces - Author of the Palpatine model 
The original skinners of the Palpatine model, Sithlord, GraFox, Psynex, Arco
Lord Darchind for the sounds
GIA SS Zyren (Zetamancer) for the shader

Installation : Put the hellspectre.pk3 in your GameData\base directory. 'Nuff said.


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