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I was under the impression it was possible to make a decent video using demos. All you have to do is work out a plot, make some preparations...


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I was under the impression it was possible to make a decent video using demos. All you have to do is work out a plot, make some preparations, then film it properly. However running around a map shooting at reborns (all the while calling them "orcs") and spawning rancors wasn't what I had in mind.

This demo, which seemed to me to go on forever with no actual purpose, is supposed to be one of the battles from Lord of the Rings. I don't remember any lightsaber or rancors in Lord of the Rings, but whatever. This author really needs to learn the finer points of filming if he's going to keep doing videos. First of all, don't just film yourself running around and talking to yourself. It's boring. Get yourself in third person, turn your gun off (cg_drawgun 0), turn your HUD off (cg_draw2d 0), and go into noclip mode. Then fly around and film the others. Go read some tutorials on how to convert demos to video, then compile it into something you can actually play, add some subtitles, and voila. You have a video that people won't actually gag at when they watch it.

For this video to be so long and not have a plot just amazed me. I had to stop it halfway through. My suggestion is write out a storyboard, figure out what you're going to do, then film. Don't sit there and film yourself doing random shizzle for 20 minutes. You can improve, you just have to try. Put in a little effort and figure out how to do what you're trying to do before you do it.

You will need the Helms Deep map to view this demo. Get it here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Helms_Deep_v2;22538

To "install", put the files in your gamedata/base/demos folder, then load them with "Play Demo" in multiplayer.


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Download 'helms_deep.zip' (5.82MB)

This is my very first movie =) ok please be nice and 
yes i have trouble getting it in media player and yes
i dun have any voices ='( so i just say it in the game example:
i press y and i talk than i press enter than i say it ='(
please be nice and btw i couldn't get any acters!
Make a new folder in your gamedatabase called "demos" 
than put helms deep pt1/2 in than watch

i thank everyone who supported me =)
if anyone did :=-0
and credits go to lucas arts for making the best game!!
i'd like to thank CLU -Nathan for making the map helms deep!!
i'd also like to thank jk3files for making the BEST website!!!

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