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I placed this under conversions rather than skin packs because, while it doesn't really fit 100% in either category, it's closer to a conver...


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I placed this under conversions rather than skin packs because, while it doesn't really fit 100% in either category, it's closer to a conversion than to a skin pack. The idea of this mod is that it adds/replaces a whole bunch of skins with their Xena or Hercules counterparts. Don't ask me why Luke=Hercules or why the rebel pilot is now a Mon Mothma reskin that still has a man's voice... these details are beyond me. What I do know is that I apparently didn't watch Xena long enough to know who all these characters are, or what they're supposed to look like.

I do know what Xena and Hercules are supposed to look like, though, and I can tell you right off the bat that no base assets model is going to be able to capture either of them... and I wasn't too far off. Most of the skins here actually are a little off, mostly because the faces are one notch down from blasphemy. It's like the author put a lot of effort into adding all this stuff, but very little into refining it. Most of the faces are not quite lined up -- a lot of the mouths don't match the mouth on the model, so when they talk they look silly -- and a lot of skin tones between meshes don't match. And don't even ask me why you would skin an arm texture over a poofy sleeve. That one I can't begin to fathom.

Long story short, this needs a lot of work and a lot more attention before it's playable in an enjoyable fashion. As a big Xena fan myself, I'd love to see a great Xena skin. The one here only has a passing resemblance to Lucy Lawless, which is for me at least a big disappointment for what could be a very interesting mod, if the author would take the extra time, work out the kinks, and really place the appropriate emphasis on the details. The big picture is all good and fine, but without the details it's more of a sketch than a portrait.


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Download 'hercules_xena_mod_for_jk3.zip' (51.42MB)

        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE: Hercules & Xena Skin Pack (SP & MP)
        AUTHOR: Ryanoceros
        E-MAIL: [email protected]m
        WEBSITE: none

        PROGRAMS USED: Photoshop CS (8.0) for re-skinning.
                                              TextEdit (1.4) for all text files.
                                              ZipIt (2.2.2) for quick packaging while modifying and testing
                                              iPak3 (1.3) for the final packaging, to make the pk3's all Jedi Academy files. ie. If you click one of the pk3 files it will open Jedi Academy.

        FILENAMES: Hercules_Xena_Main.pk3, autoexec_cfg.pk3, 
      FILE-SIZES: 52.3MB, 4KB
        DATE RELEASED: 24, April 2007

        CREDITS: This is where I need to give credit where credit is due. I'm the guy who did all the work on this mod. However....
                                ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC deserves credit for their models and the Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game, and 
                                Hercules : The Legendary Journeys is a trademark and copyright of Universal TV Distribution Holdings LLC, and Universal Television Enterprises LLLP.
                                Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All rights reserved. They deserve credit for their cool characters, television show, photographs and set design, 
                                of which many of these skins were based.
                                And Xena : Warrior Princess is a trademark and copyright of Studios USA Television Distribution LLC .Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. All rights reserved.
                                They also deserve credit for their cool characters, tv show, photographs and set design, of which some of these skins were also based.
                                 ... and just to be safe, everyone on planet Earth deserves a big, "May the force be with you!".... or this modification wouldn't have much meaning, would it?

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just put the .pk3 files in your base folder. You should first make sure to remove all other pk3 files. 
                                                                      I've maxed-out the npc limit... I think. Anyway, it will almost certainly crash if you don't remove your other  npc files first (if you have any).
                                                                      So don't complain if it keeps crashing on you because you didn't read this warning. 

        DESCRIPTION: This is a very, very, very large re-skin with Single Player, and to a slightly lesser degree Multi Player, in mind.
                                       I've re-skinned almost all weapons, animals, and almost all the characters too.
                                       In addition, I've re-skinned some of the GFX files, and added pictures,... and in a separate file you'll need to download (Hercules_Xena_Textures_and_Map_Objects), 
                                       basically I re-textured almost the whole game...and map objects too.
                                       Lots to see. Be sure to see my other read me file (Hercules_Read_Me.rtf) for the npc and playermodel spawn names.

        BUGS: There's only one bug that I noticed and couldn't figure out how to fix... It's probably something in the .glm file. But I'm on a mac. Oh well...
                      When Hera (Tavion) gets absorbed by Cronus (Ragnos) for a moment, during the video, Hera's skin turns gray, but when the action starts again she's back to normal.
                      No big deal, just a little annoying.

        COMMENTS: This is my first and likely my last modification for Jedi Academy.... unless i decide to update what I have here. Well, you never know.
                                  It started as a simple mod, only wanting to make Hercules and Xena, but then I decided Hercules needs his little buddy, Iolaus, 
                                  and Xena needs her buddies, Gabrielle and Joxer, and well, then it just kept growing and growing from there. 
                                  I started to think it might be possible to redo the entire game but then realized what an enormous task that would be, not to mention impossible on a Mac, 
                                  so you and I will have to settle for this.
                                  But hopefully, *someone* with a PC and 3DS Max and/or  Radiant will make a Model and / or Map. It would be cool to have some creatures like Echidna, Cerberus, 
                                  Kraken, Harpies, Medusa, etc. As well as a MP or SP map of Ancient Greece, with Mount Olympus, Athens, etc. Maybe someone will take up the challenge?
                                  ... Oh, and Xena simply has to have a chakram to throw, right? :)


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