Hidden Dragon

This is, by far, my most favoritest (yes, I know that's not a real word) maps by Orbitius. The main room in Hidden Dragon is just beautiful...


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This is, by far, my most favoritest (yes, I know that's not a real word) maps by Orbitius. The main room in Hidden Dragon is just beautiful. Old wood with lovely stains on them can be found all over in this room. The open area is perfect for a good duel, and there's plenty of space for people to watch from the sidelines without getting in the way. It's also great for a small FFA. Once again, Orb doesn't miss a single detail. The chairs are perfect, the small plants, the weapons on the side walls, the shadows and lighting - it's all just wonderful.

And I thought that was all there was to this map. I was ready to write a review after just taking a look at this one room, but then I discovered a door. I entered the next room and it just stole my breath. I remember being so captivated with the windows and the sun pouring through in the Chapel of the Ysalamiri map from JK2 and it's done in this room as well. The windows themselves are gorgeous and the mix of the woods are just beautiful.

Once again, I thought that's all there was, so I went back to the main room to start to get screenshots, when I noticed another door. Yay! I followed a small path of stepping stones to the most magnificant waterfall I've ever seen in an MP map. Oh wait, before I get to that, I did turn around and noticed the details of the building, like the curved roof thing. Very nice. And there was a small wooden spa/pond thing. Also lovely, but I wanted to get to the waterfall. :) The screenshots really don't do this map jusitice. The water softly laps the edges of the rocks all around. But eye-candy aside, duels on these rocks would be fun.

Now after all of that gushing I did, let me get to some of the things that did kinda bug me. I didn't quite understand the stepping stones ... over a stone ground. It probably should've been dirt or grass or something. Also, while I enjoyed the music selection, it just didn't seem to fit the mood of this map. I suppose I expected something a bit more exotic. But it is a peaceful piece. As Orb says, guns were not appropriate for this map inspired by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. So this would be a perfect map for duels or just small FFA's. Wonderful job, Orb. Definitely my favorite. Now I see why you were eager for me to see this one. You hit the nail on the head. I love this map. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel, Powerduel


Ps. I forgot to add one other thing. There were two skins created just for this map. A reskin of Tavion and a reskin of the Jedi Trainer. They're not spectacular reskins, but they fit the feel of the map. You'll find a lovely dragon tattoo on Tavion and a dragon on the back of the guy. Nice job. :)

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Download 'hidden_dragon.zip' (12.5MB)




Concept: Orbitius
Level Design: Orbitius
Texture Modification/creation: Orbitius
Beta Testing: Enmity, Orbitius
Music: Yo Yo Ma "Yearning for the Sword"

The Hidden Dragon (dojo)
This map is partly replicated from the movie Croutching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and partly 
from the mind of myself. It's a peaceful place to relax, meditate, or have a few friendly duels, or maybe even a nice quite ffa. You will find no guns however, as it wasn't appropriate. 

Map name: hidden_dragon
Game type: FFA, Duel, Power Duel
File name: hidden_dragon.pk3
File size: 8.9 MB

Bot Support: YES
New Models: YES 
New Textures: YES
New Music: YES
New Shaders:YES 

Mapping is an ART: YES!!! 
Deso from Digital Core thinks: NOT "Mapping isn't art because u use a program to build stuff"

Art n. 1, Any system of rules and traditional methods for the practice of a craft, 
trade, or profession; the application of knowledge and skill. 2,works designed to give 
intellectual pleasure, as music, sculpture, and pictorial representation. 3, skillful 
workmanship 4, cunning; guile.

Architechture? Graphic Design? Creativity? The skills and knowledge required? 

If you do not thinking mapping is an art, then you need to re-think your ignorance toward
the arts. Art can be almost anything, and people need to open their minds a bit to the 
limitless possibilites.


Email: acidrainne@yahoo.com
URL: www.orbglobal.tk
MSN: acidrainne@yahoo.com

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[ModSect]..."We do our Mods like we love our women...large and complicated?" :-/ 


NOte: Some of the models and textures found within are 
made by Ravensoft for JA and SOF2.

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