Hidden Mine (Siege)

Gah, I'm sorry I haven't reviewed anything for a while, kinda got caught up in a new game hehe. I'm glad that my next review is a siege map...


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Gah, I'm sorry I haven't reviewed anything for a while, kinda got caught up in a new game hehe. I'm glad that my next review is a siege map though. In my mind, this map type was virtually dead. I can't really talk about the objectives and things, because for me to test that I'd have to play it with someone on a server... but I can talk about the layout and design of the map.

This map most certainly is big enough for a siege map. Numerous passages and areas make it easy to find ways to where you need to go, and to have some nice battles. The flow of it is nice, but at times it is a little confusing. There are various map weapons, such as automatic turbolaser guns to shoot the enemy, the lazer turrets that you can control youself, and some button-activated laser turrets as well, all spread through the map.

The atmosphere is excellent. In the outside areas I'm pretty sure the author used a Sun Light Entity to give nice looking shadows, but without making anything too dark. I'm not exactly sure about this, but I think the author may have created new skybox and lava textures. The lava moves and stretches in ways I don't think I have seen before, and the skybox moves as well. It moves in layers, to help give depth to the clouds. and a much better sense of realism. The mountains in the outdoor areas are a little lack-luster though. It seems a little too blocky, and the textures seem a little too repetitive. Stretching/fitting the textures, or a different texture alltogether may have solved this problem. I would recommend to the author the program EasyGen. It is very good for making mountains and hills (link is to a tutorial, and that has a link to the program).

The author seems to have a very limited knowledge of curves, seeing as in numerous places on the map, there should be curves, but instead the author has resorted to cutting the brushes himself to resemble curves. It's not so bad, but it is one of the things that really takes away from the map.

Probably my favorite part about this map is that rather than using Stormtroopers and Rebels and the like, it takes you back to the older days with the Rebublic and the Separatists. It comes with the all the models for it, so no need to download them separatly (the authors of all models have been credited by means of placing thier original readmes in the .zip).

Bottom Line Nice to see a new siege map. I hope to see some servers running this, and hope for an update too. Bot Support: Impossible for Siege ;) New Textures: No New Music: Yes

~ Innocent Hawk

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Download 'siege_mine2a.zip' (19.93MB)

Jedi Academy Siege Map "Hidden Mine" (For Siege Gametype) Release
August 30th, 2005

Title		: Hidden Mine
Version		: Version 1.0
Author		: {H3H} p!ng
E-Mail		: [email protected]
Website		: http://www.clanh3h.com
File Name	: siege_mine2a.zip
File Size	: 20MB
Date Released	: 8/30/05
New Textures	: No
New Music	: Yes
Bot support	: No (Sorry)

War! (Heh.)  The setting is a Separatist droid army has set up a hidden base in an abandoned mine to develop and test a devestating new weapon.  A Republic Clone army faction has been dispatched to shut the operation down and destroy all data relating to the project.  Aiding each side is a Jedi and a Sith.

As with previous maps developed by H3H, expect multiple ways to accomplish objectives, intriguing battlefronts and lots of surprises that will be revealed the more you play.  You'll notice that some areas were heavily patterned after key areas from the SIEGE Hoth map by Ravensoft.  We've also designed the Objectives to flow similarly to Hoth, so you shouldn't have any trouble knowing what to do.  Our SIEGE server "H3H Mini Wars" (IP: will be running the map, but please feel free to run it on your servers as well.
Please note, this map is released "as is" and is unsupported by Raven Software, Activision, LucasArts or H3H.  However, if you're having problems please visit our forums at http://www.clanh3h.com and let us know.


Install Troubleshooting:

If you do not see the new map listed in-game, ensure that the file "siege_mine2a.pk3" is located in your installation's "GameData\base" folder. The default path is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base".  

You will see other .pk3 files in the correct "base" folder.  Simply drag and drop the "siege_mine2a.pk3" file into the correct "Base" folder as noted above.

Some of our testers have complained about "EOF" errors.  Most of the time, these errors point to an incompatibilty with other pk3s.  We'd like to ask that you first try running the map *without any other _custom_ pk3s in your Base folder*.  This resolves the issue most of the time.  If you're having problems with any particular pk3s being incompatible with this map, please post in our forums and let us know.  We'll test and release a patch if necessary.


The Story So Far:

The primary objective is to reach the Central Processing Core (CPC) and destroy the (3) server banks which house the data on the Separatist secret weapon.

Republic Mission Objectives:

	* Destroy the main gate and gain access to the mining camp!
	* Once inside, drop the shield leading to the keyroom facility.
	* Enter the keyroom facility and make way to the keyroom storage area.
	* Steal the loading dock access key and unlock the loading area.
	* Breach the lower levels of the facility and head to the Central Processing Core (CPC)!
	* Destroy the CPC servers!

Empire Mission Objectives:
	* Defend, defend, defend!

Time Limits: 
	* 20 Minute Initial Time Limit
	* If Republic forces succeed before the time limit is reached, the teams switch sides (Separatist team becomes Republic and vice versa)
	* Once the new teams are formed, the new Republic team must complete the same objectives in the same or less amount of time than the first Republic team did.

	* Recommended Maximum of 16 Players (8 per team)
	* Note: A maximum of 32 players are supported, but untested.  Play at your own risk.

CREDITS!  There's a ton of them!  I tried to contact each author via the email address provided in the readme unless they gave clear instructions on reusing their work.  If I missed anyone please let me know if you object to any of the elements used in this map.  I'm not out to rip anyone off where credit is due, thanks!

Thanks to all of the modelers and skinners for such superb models utilized in our map.  The models include:

* Republic Clones pack by Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" and Psyko Sith
* Asajj Ventress by Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1"
* Battledroid by "The Prophet" and "Major Clod"
* Kit Fisto by "Toonces" and "Arco"
* Super Battledroids by Chair Walker and StormTrooper
* Pit Droid by Matt-Liell and Scouttrooper

Thanks to Raven for creating such an easy way to create content for the game, and of course for the Hoth SIEGE map (and the sample map which I found invaluable).  I think many people hail Hoth as being the best of the default maps.

Thanks to the following clans: H3H, Heroic, SCP, Real, TD (and others) for testing and design ideas.  Thanks to all who helped with BETA testing version and giving us their input.


Please visit our forums and let us know what you think!


{H3H} p!ng

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