Hidden's Gaming Club Hangout Map 2

Lots of people don’t like clan creations. It’s understandable why, there can be so many clan player names on the stuff, that it can get anno...


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Lots of people don’t like clan creations. It’s understandable why, there can be so many clan player names on the stuff, that it can get annoying. This map, only has 1, 1 clan tag, and that is the name HGC written on the ground. That is all I could really find. This map has a courtyard, bar, a hut, and dueling platforms. Those are the things I could access by running to them. I discovered other places, however. I found a baseball field, a waterfall with diving boards, a jump pad, a peace room, a leader chamber place, and some other things. This map is really dark. It was hard to see where I was going in some parts of it. It became a real problem in some places. You can see this in the screen shots, they are real dark, even after I tried to brighten them up. I found some z-fighting in the map, but not too much. Unfortunately, the levelshot was done wrong, so you see the default game levelshot. This map is a FFA map only. There is no bot support, but since its a clan map, I guess it doesn't really need it. as I went around, I noticed that fire was mostly used to light the map, besides the sky that is. So, there are some lights in it from fire, there is a glowing orange look. In the outside, it is really dark. The sidewalk and stuff is kinda slanted. That makes it kind of fun to move on it. In the bar, the ceiling looks real strange. Its a domed ceiling, but the texture does not appear properly. This can be fixed by using the Surface Patch settings, and setting the ceiling to “Normal” for texture coordination. There is lava over the bartenders position, which is then covered by a sheet of glass. If you go behind, you can see a refrigerator, and even go inside it. There is a duel platform in one area, that floats above lava. The problem with this platform is it is too small. I could jump, and fall right off the other edge. You can also watch the duel. You can sit down and watch through the glass. I think I found a theater too. There is a stage with lights and there are benches all facing it. In the swamp area, there is a hut. Inside it are some chairs, all surrounding a fire. In another part of the map, there is a big area on the ground, that says “HGC” on it. There are two towers on either side of it, which you can climb up. There is then an entrance into the wall. This entrance is surrounded by two small towers. In the middle of these and right above the door, is a chamber. I was surprised when I found a baseball field in the map. I couldn’t find how anyone would get in without the use of a mod or cheat code. On one side of the field, in the outfield, the wall is multicolored. The other side has a doorway in red. I even found a Pool Table. Now I can play pool in JKA. :) I think I will use the thermal detonators as my balls. With my saber as my stick, I will “Blow Away” any opponent, if you get my drift. In all, this isn’t a bad map, there are very few clan tags at all, actually, I was only able to find one. This map would be great for hide and seek, it is so dark, it would be hard to find someone it it anyway.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA


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))=((GC ))=((angout

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by: **))=((iddenSpy**

))=((iddens Gaming Club Hangout Map 2

About HGC Hangout 2

Our first map was pretty good for what we used it for but I never felt that I did my best with creating that map.  It was my first map on JA. After debating myself I finally enacted and made HGC Hangout 2.  I tried to update the games we play on our server to the map so the map is different and up to date.  I made this version bigger and better.  This map was made for my members at our home server which you can find a link to at ABOUT link at our site above.  I would like to thank my members for encouraging me and asking me if the map was done yet everyday(lol).  On our site theres a link that says what each area on map is for. If your not in our club it might be kinda hard to identify some of the areas.  Theres many secret areas so see if you can find them.  If you can't find them come to my server and mabe I'll give you some hints. :-)

How to install

Put PK3 file in GameData\base  folder.

Date Finished


   Map Contents

Main FFA
Pong Room
Baseball Arena
Members Area - includes member fun stuff
Tourney room
Race Track


Thanks to all members of HGC that watched over server while I was working on this map and supporting me.

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