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Highspeed Melee 2

First of all I would like to apologise to the author for the very long wait in getting this mod up, it was in the inbox for quite a while, a...


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First of all I would like to apologise to the author for the very long wait in getting this mod up, it was in the inbox for quite a while, and after I picked it up, I ended up being busy with other things for most of the week so I haven’t had a proper chance to test it till now (even though it is after 11:30pm! :eek: ). So sorry about the long wait Houou!

Anyway, on with the review!

This is mainly a single player mod, it adds new melee moves/animations, and also some cool new effects when you hit someone. There’s been some new kicks added, which can be used by pressing the direction buttons, and the alt fire button (like you do to kick when you are using the staff saber in MP). The punches also look different, and there’s kinda like sparks or something that fly off when you hit someone. There are also other different effects that play when your kick hits someone.

I know the readme says that you need to enable cheats to use this mod, but I found that I didn’t have to. All you need to do is open the console (by pressing Shift and that button just to the left of the 1 key and under the esc key, I don’t know what the key is called, but it has a sign on it on my keyboard) then type in iknowkungfu. That enables melee mode, you can then use this mod! :) Just make sure you have the .pk3 in your base folder!

Like I said this is mainly for single player, although it does slightly change the punches (and melee stance) in multiplayer too. Apart from that though it didn’t seem to do anything else in multiplayer.

All in all a very nice melee mod here! If you want to use some fancy new melee moves in your singleplayer games, why not give this a download? ;)


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Title   : Highspeed Melee 2
Author  : HOUOU
Website : none
E-mail  :

File Name     : z_Highspeed 2.pk3
File Size     : 383KB

 This MOD is the setup of "MELEE" and so on becomes very showy.
And,that must have been improved more than former "Highspeed Melee".

 This is only for singleplay mainly!
Though even multiplay can be used, a part of the function (a continuous punch) can't be used.

=====[New improvement]=====

-Repeat attack of the punch were a little revised.
-Ammotype of "MELEE" and so on was amended to become suitable.
-Effect of the "punch and kick" became very showy.
-MELEE sound was renewed.
-A side_kick was not a normal_kick, but it was changed to acrobatic_kick.
-A pose became more splendid.
-Front_kick is not default kick.That was changed to the front_kick of the really different motion.
-An avoidance movement was a little changed.

=====[Former improvement]=====

-Back_kick was changed to the spin_kick.
-The throw_attack and back_kick motion speed was set at High speed.
-The motion to attack enemy and the movement which attack is taken in from the enemy,these motions were changed. (That seems to be HOKUTOSHINKEN!?)

[-How to use MELEE-]
 Input it with "iknowkungfu" after you opened a console and made cheat possible.
(There are some other methods. But, this cheatcode will be probably known most.)

[How to operate it]
ALT(It changes by the pressed direction key.)---kick
CTRL+ALT(It changes by the pressed direction key.)---Throw attak
USE(It changes by the pressed direction key.)---Avoidance movement
(A USE key can be used even if it is changed to other weapons.)

BUGS       :
 When it keeps striking it, to be anxious is that the smoke of the fire doesn't occur very much.

 It might not be changed dramatically when it was compared with the last time.
But, it thinks that MELEE became convenient a little.
 Incidentally, the continuous attack of the punch doesn't give it time to attack it to the enemy in many cases. 
In other words, it can win without a wound.

 Put a z_Highspeed 2.pk3 file to the /lucas arts/
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder.


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