Highspeed Melee 3 (JA+ MOD version)



Well, first off, this is a melee and animation mod, so it changes a bunch of animations! It has a MP and an SP version. It changes melee animations, and gives an optional saber stance change. However, the file size has been vastly increased with the fact that you can choose which things to have, be it just the saber stance, everything, everything but the saber stance, and what-not. So, we trade file size of customization.

I'm just going to start off with the new saber stance. It changes the stances for Strong and Fast styles, as well as Staff. It doesn't change the stances for Dual sabers, or Medium style. It does change the walk back animations, however, but only for fast and strong styles. Although with the way your players head moves to look at people, your head looks like it's going to twist off. Also, on ledges if you position yourself just right while using the fast stance, your character goes wild and you start to go into something that resembles a loop. But, you can get out of it by just going over the ledge. The run back animation looks...funny to say the least. It looks like the character's on a wheeled chair and is going all over the place. He really looks like he's sitting down. Now for the melee part. This does change the melee animations in JA+. For better or for worse, that really for you to decide. I did notice a small thing with the left and right roundhouse kicks (Hey, it's what I call the kicks when you do alt attack + W+ A/D). Anyways, the animation would have a brief pause after doing it, so your character would stop for a split second. One kick, I did like was the regular alt attack kick that was modified. I was disappointed that this didn't have more changed animations. This overwrites JA+'s animations, so I'm not sure if this will work on a basejka server.

Now, for the SP version. From what I can tell, it has most of the features of the MP version, except for melee is sped up, and there's no saber stance changes. But, there is an added effect to the kick. It looks like a small explosion. Yay, now everyone seems to have either explosives or bags of blue stuff hidden in your shoes.

This certainly took some time, so if you like it, download it.





Title   : Highspeed Melee 3 (JA+ MOD version)
Author  : HOUOU
Website : -----
E-mail  : [email protected]
Submitted date : 2006/5/21

File Name     :
japlus_gla_anims.pk3 /4 files (The contents of the data are different.)

File Size     : 36.6MB (Total)

I improved former Highspeed melee a little, and I tried so that it could use it with MP-MOD [JA+ MOD 2.3] more.
But, a multi-player couldn't do a change like a single-player.
Therefore, a change is respectively different.
Because there was inconvenience respectively, a change is different with SP and MP.


=========Gratitude and thanks=====================
I borrowed data on JA+MOD 2.3 with this MOD.
It is gratitude to the people who made JA+MOD!
Thank you very much.

[The change of SINGLE-PLAYER and amendment]
1.RUN_BACK motion when lightsaber was started was changed.
2.BACK_ROLL was changed.
3.Effect of the kick was renewed.
4.Speed of GRASP ATTACK was adjusted.
5.BACK_JUMP_KICK was changed to SPIN_KICK.
6.FRONT_JUMP_KICK changed it like Somersault kick.
7.Effect of the punch was a little amended.
8.A SIDE_KICK was corrected newly.

[The change of MULTI-PLAYER and amendment]
1.Each speed was adjusted to the one for the multi-player.
2.RUN_BACK motion when lightsaber was started was changed.
3.The animation added to JA+ MOD, the speed of SPIN_KICK and BACK_KICK became a little fast.
4.FRONT_JUMP_KICK changed it like Somersault kick.
5.A punch motion became new.
6.They became uppercut and shoulder attack.
7.BACK_FLIP was changed.(It is only one.)
8.The speed of HILT ATTACK (staff saber) was increased.
9.SIDE_KICK was changed to FRONT_ATTACK.
10.The saber style of FAST, STRONG and STAFF was made new. And HILT ATTACK sound is a little exaggerated.
11.The motion of FRONT_ROLL_GETUP was changed.

[A usual change point (Single-Player mainly.)]
-Repeat attack of the punch were a little revised.
-Ammotype of "MELEE" and so on was amended to become suitable.
-Effect of the "punch and kick" became very showy.
-MELEE sound was renewed.
-A SIDE_KICK was not a NORMAL_KICK, but it was changed to ACROBATIC_KICK.
-A pose became more splendid.
-FRONT_KICK is not DEFAULT_KICK. That was changed to the FRONT_KICK of the 
really different motion.
-An avoidance movement was a little changed.
-BACK_KICK was changed to the SPIN_KICK.
-The grasp attack and BACK_KICK motion speed was set at High speed.
-It was changed so that the motion speed of the side to attack, and the attacked side might deviate
-The attack to catch an enemy became early.

[File explanation]
highspeed.pk3---------------------- It is completely in.
highspeed_anim2.pk3---------------- RUN_BACK isn't changed.
highspeed_anim3.pk3---------------- RUN_BACK and BACK_ROLL aren't changed.

JA+ MOD Version
folder/Highspeed_anim1--------- It is completely in. (There is no SABER STYLE.)
folder/Highspeed_anim2--------- RUN_BACK isn't changed.
folder/Highspeed_anim3--------- All changes and new SABER STYLE are added.
folder/Highspeed_anim4--------- Only RUN_BACK is default though new SABER STYLE is contained.

The following action is not in with a multi-player.
1.A continuous punch is impossible...
2.There is no MELEE EFFECT at all...

[Secret special attack ]
Saber special attack increase when MELEE is used.(Single-Player only)

-The condition which can be used-
Single saber/ fast,medium,strong
Force jump level/ beyond 1

When a player became exactly reverse with BACK_FLIP, Ctrl(main attack button).

But, it won't be convenient skill too much...

New SIDE KICK action... (Multi-Player)

Front kick 2 --- moveright + altattack
knuckle attack --- moveleft + altattack

It may be convenient when the following description is added to make the [new kick of JA+] easy to use.

New kick1----- bind (bind key) "+moveleft; +altattack"
New kick2----- bind (bind key) "+moveright; +altattack"

(But, when this description is used with Single-Player, it may not be able to be operated normally.)

[How to operate it]
ALT---(It changes by the pressed direction key.)---kick
CTRL+ALT---(It changes by the pressed direction key.)---Grasp attak
USE---(It changes by the pressed direction key.)---Avoidance movement (Single-Player only!)
(A USE key can be used even if it is changed to other weapons.)

[-How to use MELEE- (Single-Player)]
 Input it with "iknowkungfu" after you opened a console and made cheat 
(There are some other methods. But, this cheatcode will be probably known 

[BUG Fixed]
The condition of the default...(This is Single Player Only.)
Animation is interrupted when it steps back under the condition
that lightsaber is started.

That problem was corrected with this MOD.

BUGS       :
1.When it keeps striking it, to be anxious is that the smoke of the fire 
doesn't occur very much.
2.Swing sound of MELEE rings with FAST SPECIAL ATTACK in the middle.

A posture collapses momentarily when it finishes shaking a weapon
while it RUN_BACK in case of MEDIUM STYLE and STRONG STYLE (Both are single saber's).

Therefore, some prepared for the file which didn't change action.
Use these files when you don't like this change.
These are MODS which RUN_BACK motion isn't changed to.

It might not be changed dramatically when it was compared with the last time.
But, it thinks that MELEE became convenient a little.
Incidentally, the continuous attack of the punch doesn't give it time to 
attack it to the enemy in many cases.
In other words, it can win without a wound.

It thinks that MELEE is fundamentally suitable for the counterattack.
An enemy seems to be easy for SPIN_KICK to hit by the Multi-Player.


I am not familiar with the program of this game.
First of all, it tried so that it could use it with JA+MOD.
But, it isn't clear whether a new function from now on is added...


[When usual MOD is used]
Put a highspeed3.pk3 (Or, other anim.pk3 file's.) file 
to the /lucas arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder.

[When JA+MOD Version is used]
Choose the pk3 file which it wants to use first.
Remove japlus_gla_anims.pk3 which was in "JA+ MOD 2.3".
(Just in case, keep data.)

And put a japlus_gla_anims.pk3 file to the /lucas arts/
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder.

This MOD can't be used with other motion changes MOD together.
Remove this MOD when you use other motion changes MOD.


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