Hirman's AT-RT Driver

Always wondered why Mars Marshall never included an AT-RT pilot in his Clones Ultima pack. Then I check the dates, and it makes sense. There...


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Always wondered why Mars Marshall never included an AT-RT pilot in his Clones Ultima pack. Then I check the dates, and it makes sense. There were no really good references of the AT-RT pilot when that pack came out, since they were introduced with ROTS and Clones Ultima was post-AOTC. Lucky we've got people still willing to retroactively expand the range of available clones then, no?

Alright, cutting the BS. You'll probably not know what the AT-RT pilot looks like and won't care to Google it, so omgwtf reference image. First thing you see is that the torso armor is different. Can't be helped. Mars' clones were modelled with that specific chestplates, attempting to texture a shape over a mesh that's a different shape would look very silly. I like this better as-is, anyway, dude's more uniform with the other clonetroopers. Besides, his official "fat guy" chestplate looks silly.

Second inconsistency is that the legs are different. Mark that as an improvement. The sandpaper-colored upper leg armor cutting off to white lower leg armor just looked silly. Hirman's looks better, continuing the jungle camo theme.

No issues with the textures themselves. They could have been more detailed, of course they could, but the iD Tech 3 engine only renders textures at a capped resolution - eventually, adding more detail and resolution just becomes pointless.

However I'd like to comment on a few things that are missing. As the ref image shows, the AT-RT pilot has a device attached to his sling-belt-bandana or whatever the hell you call it. Sunday morning and only on the third coffee, lay off! >_> Ahem. Little circular device, lifeform scanner, perhaps? Sure, an insignificant thing, but accuracy counts and little things make skins better. The red patterning from the left breastplate - er, the AT-RT pilot's left, not ours - is also missing, as are some black paint decals from near the top of the leg. Also what appears to be an ammo belt of some sort missing from the left leg, though it looks more like it carries drill bits or screwdriver heads than ammo. I can point out other inconsistencies here, but the rest of them would be mesh-based, and this is a skin so we'll have to make do. I understand, however, that this model isn't mirrored, so it should be easy to add details to just one side. Could be wrong though, can't say I ever tried to reskin a clone trooper.

Aside from a few minor details I'd like to see added, just for accuracy's sake, but there's nothing wrong with it per sé. I do like that Hirman took a little artistic liberty and updated the design, that shows initiative, and initiative is good.

One more for your grand clone armies, eh?

~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: Yes NPC Profiles: No Custom Audio: Yes Team Colors: No

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Hirman's ATRT Driver

Author: Hirman 

Recommended DownLoads: none

Description: This is a reskin of the neyo model by neomarz to the ATRT Driver you see in EPIII.

Install:put the pk3 in the zip in the base folder

credit:Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" for his clone ultima pack

bugs: none that I know of

EMAIL ME AT: Hirman_1@yahoo.com


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