-=HMW=- Divine Reborn

Looking over this skin, I found myself very impressed, mainly with the effort that went into it. For the most part the seems are done very w...


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Looking over this skin, I found myself very impressed, mainly with the effort that went into it. For the most part the seems are done very well, and it is obvious that the author spent more than a minute trying to get them lined up. For instance on the hips area, the plates over the legs are on two different surfaces with a split skinmap on the torso. That considered, he lined them up fairly well.

Not only that, but this skin just looks neat. It's different, and that I can appreciate. It'd look really cool with some shaders, but even without it definitely has a unique look about it.

So here are the problems. Yes, you knew there'd be some. First of all, it overwrites the reborn twin model. Secondly, as I mentioned, for a really good armor look it needs a specular shader, a chrome shader, or a bit of both. A good shine would really give it that extra touch. Thirdly, which is just my own personal gripe, is that I had the reborn twin face. It should have a new one. That's just my preference, but I find that a completely new skin with an old face just kind of ruins it for me.

Anyway, a neat-looking skin. If you don't mind an overwrite, check it out.

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Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy
Title: -=HMW=- Divine Reborn

Author: -=HMW=-]v[agnanimus (in game) Magnanimus(on jediknightfiles.com)

email: thor_the_thunderer@hotmail.com

Filename: HMW - Reborn.pk3

filesize 1.84 mb

Date release: July 24th, 2005

Credits: Thanks to New World Computing and 3DO for the textures from Might and Magic VIII. Thanks to turbosquid.com for the chain mail texture.

Installation instructions: Extract .pk3 file to your "GameData\base" folder.

Description: This skin replaces the "reborn_twin" model. It is my clan skin (-=HMW=- or Heavy Metal Warriors) and gives the reborn plate armor and chain mail.

There are no visible bugs that i have found, but if you find any, please email me with the description and i will fix/re-release it.

This is my first skin ever, please let me know if you like it and i might make more.

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