Hoth Ship Repair

Everybody knows Hoth from the films - It's gotta be one of the easier star wars locations to make. Just add some snow, some ships, and hey...


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Everybody knows Hoth from the films - It's gotta be one of the easier star wars locations to make. Just add some snow, some ships, and hey presto, you've got a map you can call Hoth! In this map however (in case you missed the sarcasm there) it does actually look like Hoth, not some random blocks on some snow. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that if you enjoy Hoth, you will probably enjoy the theme of this map.

Architecturally, it's average. The room you can duel in is very square, and the piping is infinitely thin - it needs some weight to it. The author has used a lot of models to try and fill the gaps, which is alright, but I'd quite like to have seen some more interesting brush-work in this area. The texturing also needs work. Whilst the general theme of the map is helped along in its credibility by the texture set used, especially in the inside areas, in the outside section you really can tell the drop in quality. The star destroyer looks like a block of cheese, and the misaligned textures on the gun cannon and repeating textures on the broken wall and outside cliff face are very disturbing to me.

Having said that, the big-ass thorn this map saw fit to put into the gamers side isn't with any of the aforementioned things. The most annoying thing about this map is how small the playing area actually is. I know you can see the X-Wing hanger in the screenshots, but you can't actually get there! If you try to jump to it, you mysteriously die in mid-air, whilst the lasers shooting at you from the star destroyer do no damage whatsoever. Which is a massive shame because the hanger section actually looks quite nice when you noclip around that area. Indeed, the doors sunken into the wall look somewhat odd, and I can question some of the weird shadowing on the walls, but overall, that area is pretty nice.

That basically leaves you with a very small square room to duel in. Things are made worse by the debris on the floor. Whilst this map isn't a bad looker overall, it's a very bad player, especially considering this map was designed for the duel gametype. And no bot support either. Pfft.

New Sounds: No New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Title	: Hoth Ship Repair
Author	: SilverStar
E-Mail	:
Website	:

File Name: duel_hoth.pk3
File Size: 2.40 MB
Date Released: January 16, 2006

Description: This is a ship repair area in a smaller rebel base on Hoth. It appears that the Empire has found it out and is commencing an assult.  This map is the first of my portfolio in an attempt to gain employment in the game development industry. I know it's no where near the standard of today's maps, but this is only my second map (finished that is lol). I would like to thank the Knights of Honor for their feedback and beta testing, their site is I would like to thank specificly Jing, Malekii, Renix, and Messiah. Production on my next map will begin quite soon. Thanks for downloading :D.

Installation: Put the duel_hoth.pk3 in your BASE folder and enjoy!

Known Bugs/Issues: The biggest thing was that the explosions dont always go off at the right time, I really can't fix that though...not really sure how anyway lol.


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