Hoth Siege Modified

Well, there’s not really much to say about this mod. Its basically Hoth Siege (we all love that don’t we? ;) ) But its been made harder. The...


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File Description

Well, there’s not really much to say about this mod. Its basically Hoth Siege (we all love that don’t we? ;) ) But its been made harder. The only physical differences are that two extra turrets have been added either side of the big door, in the area where you start the game. It was already hard enough trying to get an AT-ST up to that door, so your going to need much better team co-ordination now to try and get it through those two extra turrets! And also in the area behind that door where you must get to the Bridge controls at the other end, there’s a new emplaced turret on top of the Bridge Control Room that you can get in.

There’s another large difference, but this is more on the side of gameplay mechanics rather than actual physical changes to the map. The hack times on all the consoles have been reduced, which I’m sure the players on the Imperial team will like! I know how annoying it could be to try and hack those consoles, then you keep getting shot and have to go back and do it again when you respawn.

One other thing is that the health on a lot of things (like the turrets for example) has been increased, so as well as having more turrets, they’re also a lot more difficult to kill! O.o

Probably the one thing I didn’t like most of all was the fact that there was no proper lighting, the entire map was on full brightness, which, when you have lots of very white snow…can be a bit blinding lol.

Really, this was quite an interesting idea, making a siege map more challenging, but I feel the author could have perhaps done a bit more with this. But anyway if you like Hoth Siege and want to play a more challenging version with some friends, then you might like this :)

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: hoth_modified
AUTHOR**: Grampa Horton	

FILENAME: hoth_modified.pk3
FILESIZE: 1.5 mb
DATE RELEASED: oct 5 2005

CREDITS**: I would give credits to anyone whose work I used or borrowed, mainly raven, including graphics and models (or any type of voice acting or in-game acting, for videos).


1. download file to destination directory of your choice 
2. unzip file using winzip and extract to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base
Thats it.

DESCRIPTION**: Same old hoth map we all know and love, only much, much more challenging for imps. Added extra
turrets, emplaced weapons, increased health on just about everything and decreased length on hack times. Perfect for when the teams are stacked. Have fun.
BUGS: This game should not have any bugs whatsoever since the modifications I performed are quite trivial.

COMMENTS: If I left anything out about credit work or anything of the sort contact me here 
and I will immediately remedy.


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