House of Chthon

This is kinda cool, a reconstruction of a map from Quake 1. I must say that the author did manage to recreate the look and feel of the level...


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This is kinda cool, a reconstruction of a map from Quake 1. I must say that the author did manage to recreate the look and feel of the level very well. Because the game it is based on is so old, the author decided to use JA textures rather than Quake textures (good choice!). Despite the use of JA textures, the map looks very convincing.

This map comes in two forms, a rocket duel arena with the lava pit, and a duel arena with the lava all cooled and hardened up. It also is playable on many gametypes - FFA, Duel, Power Duel - but playing it on ffa might not be such a good idea because it is so small. The author recreated the functions and moving parts of the map, such as the falling poles that would have been used to kill the boss in Quake, and some extending platforms. I was unable to get them to work myself, but maybe I was just not trying hard enough hehe ;).

Bottom Line A good recreation of a Quake map. Get this if you like Quake. I look forward to more recreations! New Music: Yes (music from Quake) New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel, Power Duel

~ Innocent Hawk

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Download '' (2.38MB)

Re-release #2 : Quake 1 - Boss area 1 - House of Chthon by Jenova*Rebirth*


Installation: Place the houseofchthon.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder


New Music: Yes
New Texture's: 1 (no conflicts with JA)
Bot routes: Yes
Game Type's: FFA - Duel - Power Duel

Comments: This is re-release number 2, the 3rd will be along shortly, 
there are is 1 or 2 ffa releases aswell incase you fthink its 
all going to be duel.

You can see the original quake version in the top left corner of the level shot when its loads the map.

 This is a remake of the quake 1 level House of Chthon, This was the first boss level in the game where you
had to bring down to electrically charged poles from the cieling, one either side and then activate a button to fry the boss.

These poles do come down in this map, But of course there is nothing to fry between them so they don't do much 
more than that, I just had them come down to keep the feel of the original Quake map.

This map does use JA texture's simply because quake texture's are of such low color quality(as you know since
its a very old game). The structure is the same but just texture's are from JA.

There are 2 versions of the map in this pk3, Firstly the as close to original map as possable 1 on 1 rocket arena.

Then there is the dueling version, In this version the lava has been cooled down and is now rock solid providing a perfect 
area to duel on, and of coarse there are no weapons on the map.

This map was basically something for me to do while I was extremely bored, and it turned out to be very kool actually, 
Obviously keeping with the original level there is little eye candy as back then it wasn't really alot of it.

So have fun, and find the extremely easy to find secret, which was the end of the level in the original level on quake.

Have fun remembering this kool but very old game. The memories of the fun you had with quake 1 are in your head somewhere.

The gladiator arena has been put on hold but will be completed. Top secret project is underway.


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