House of Origin

And so Nurse returns, and seems to have been building on the advice given in previous reviews. That's good. It's a clan map that doesn't hav...


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And so Nurse returns, and seems to have been building on the advice given in previous reviews. That's good. It's a clan map that doesn't have logos thrust in your face at every turn. That's gettin' off to a good start. In fact, there's a grand total of two panels with the clan's name written on, and that's about it for logos.

What we have here is a sign of steady progression from Nurse's other maps. Not coming on in leaps and bounds, but definitely progressing at a careful rate. Each individual architectural element is basic to the point of pure simplicity, yet combined with what's around, more often than not the individual elements blend into something more elaborate. Again, everything is composed primarily of square or polygonal brushes, yet it ties together nicely in a minimalistic sense.

In the ways of layout, you have what you'd expect from a clan map. Duel rooms, meeting room, bar, roleplay rooms and a hell of a lot of long, wide, open passageways. The map is quite empty and devoid of details aside from structure, so this map would be appropriate for Makermod users to decorate. The emptiness, however, is a blessing and a curse. I could easily see myself using this for a TFFA if only there were some pickups. Performance issues are a negative, solid 25-30 FPS throughout (which is as high as it gets with my frame limiter locked at 30).

The passages do tend to be too long at times, and running down them does get tedious after a while. Also, the textures could be a bit more varied. Map felt a little monotone, because there's not much variation from one area to the next, y'see. Still, mostly personal preferences. There's no real bugs, and while the map's not all it could be, it's not entirely unreasonable to assume Nurse will end up coming back to it as the skill levels go up.

Nurse is showing a good, steady rate of improvement, even if said rate could be faster. If you liked Nurse's other maps you'll like this one, it's a good contender, even if it is simple and empty. It's definitely appropriate for those who like sandbox maps.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: Yes Custom Textures: No Custom Meshes: No Custom Audio: No

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Download 'houseoforiginv2.rar' (1.89MB)

Mapname: House of Origin V2
Clananme: Origin
Map by: Nurse

Map info:

I can explain the fixes and other stuff in this version... but no one really ever seen Version 1, because there was something 
wrong with it.
So this map plays in a big building with many duel rooms hallways and other stuff to check out, there a re even a 
couple of secret duel rooms that you will never find.
The map has been build with very basic skills... because my skills arent that high so dont expect to much,
things can be blocky, but overall i think its nice :)


YESSS!!!!! this map has bot support, i made the bot routes like they wont be bothering you
in the duel rooms, if its all right done they would only walk in the hallways and some open places.

Instal: Put the PK3 file into your gamedata/Base folder.


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