House of the Fallen

Let me tell ya, don't try to review a map with your brightness set really high. It really takes away from the quality of the map, and makes...


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Let me tell ya, don't try to review a map with your brightness set really high. It really takes away from the quality of the map, and makes you think the author doesn't have a clue about lighting. I'm glad I figured it out halfway through, else my review might have been slightly unfair.

I'm sure quite a few of you have played Counter Strike. I'm assuming that's what the author was refering to by saying it is "CS-style". Now I've never played CS, but I have watched my brother play it a few times and even just with the maps I saw him playing it does look very reminiscent of that style. This map is based on woodwork, and lots of it. It seems the two primary textures throughout this map are wood and stone. And somehow they don't really feel overused, because that's just what they're made out of. Rocks aren't going to be made of peat moss, after all.

The one thing I found strange was the style of the light coming in from open windows. I'm aware this type of thing is highly restrictive because of the limitations of the engine, but having the light just suddenly stop was kind of strange. I am assuming some kind of alpha shader could be included to have the light taper off near the ends a bit, which I think would look a little cleaner than having it stop at a hard edge. Other than that, the lighting seemed very effective throughout the map, though occaisionally it seemed some lights had no sources.

Make sure to check out the read-me for more important information on objectives and playability.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Jedi Academy Siege Map "House of the Fallen" (For Siege Gametype) Release

Title		: House of the Fallen
Version		: Version 1.0a
Author		: p!ng
E-Mail		: [email protected]
Website		: 
File Name	:
File Size	: 6MB
Date Released	: 01/17/06
New Textures	: Yes
New Music	: Yes
Bot support	: No (Sorry)

The attempt at innovation continues. This time, we have what I call a CS-style gameplay map.  There are (2) locations on the map where Imps can try to arm an EMP weapon.  The Rebs have to disarm the weapon within (30) seconds of either EMP being armed.  You can arm, disarm, and re-arm as often as you can - until the time expires.  If the Imps succeed in arming one of the EMPs and defending the area until it explodes, they win.  If the Rebs succeed in disarming the bombs and defending the base, they win.  This map also has a few hidden passages and traps that either team can utilize to tip the scale in their favor.


--> In this version of the map, ** only the Demo class ** can arm or disarm the EMP weapons.

--> The (2) areas where the EMP can be placed are indicated by a "glowing bomb". To arm an EMP, the Imp Demo must hold the "use" key the for a specified time period, while being near the "glowing bomb" indicator. To disarm the bombs the Rebel Demo must also hold the "use" key while being near the bomb.  Once the EMP is armed, the "glowing bomb" turns into a solid/textured bomb. When the EMP is disarmed, it turns back into the "glowing bomb" which indicates that it can be re-armed.

--> This map uses the default Hoth classes, so there are no EOF (or other) conflicts with any other maps.


Install Troubleshooting:

If you do not see the new map listed in-game, ensure that the file "siege_hotfo1a.pk3" is located in your installation's "GameData\base" folder. The default path is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base".  

You will see other .pk3 files in the correct "base" folder.  Simply drag and drop the file into the correct "Base" folder as noted above.


Time Limits: 
	* 10 Minute Initial Time Limit
	* If Rebel forces succeed before the time limit is reached, the teams switch sides (Imperial team becomes Rebel and vice versa)
	* Once the new teams are formed, the new Rebel team must complete the same objectives in the same or less amount of time than the first Rebel team did.

	* Recommended Maximum of 16 Players (8 per team)
	* Note: A maximum of 40 players are supported, but untested.  Play at your own risk.


Thanks to Raven for creating such an easy way to create content for the game.

Thanks to the players keeping it real.


Try and have some fun, folks!

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