House of Tricks

It's always good to see an author take on a unique angle. Of course, it would have been better if that angle had been elaborated on more, bu...


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It's always good to see an author take on a unique angle. Of course, it would have been better if that angle had been elaborated on more, but it still works out well in the end.

I really don't want to spoil this map, so I'll keep my description limited. What you've basically got, is a factory setting, with a few illusions lying around. There are some nice visual touches which keep with the theme, such as the caution markings, control rooms, and the small trench-tunnel hybrid.

The "tricks" which are the map's central point are actually quite few in number, but still sorta nifty. I'm not gonna ruin the surprises, but I will say that there are several areas which were prime opportunities to spring a trap, yet those opportunities were wasted. I have to admit, that was a bit of a let down.

Onto the architecture, it's typical first map territory, but that's acceptable. My only real comment here is - don't be afraid to experiment! Sure, you may want to keep it real, but ideas will save you in the long run, so try whatever radical designs you can come out with. Just make sure they're playable, of course. ;) The lighting is simple, but at least it's present. There's been a decent, if not limited, use of entities throughout, although interactivity was somewhat lacking.

Few tips for the author? Sure, why not?

I did find a few instances of z-fighting, which need clearing up. As a general rule, you should always caulk brush faces the player won't see - it works wonders for load times and FPS. You should also look up tutorials and get info on adding bot routes and music, since those are good additions to any map.

No mention of the hidden areas. We don't call this stuff spoiler-free for nothing, ya know.

Well, there's plenty of space for gameplay, and a few fun things which can catch an opponent unaware, so give it a try. If you can get over the limited aesthetic appeal, you'll find that this map is good on the gameplay side.

(And yes, DeathWish, you did overuse the wall texture. :p )

~ Kouen

Bot Routes: No Custom Textures: No Custom Models: No Custom Music: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: House of Tricks
AUTHOR: DeathWish
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Thanks much for downloading this !!!!!
this is my first map so dont get to harsh. I tried hard and I would like feedback! Send any feedback or comments to [email protected]! Thanks a ton people!
It doesnt really have a theme. There are quite a few secrets within the map as I have already stated. Other than the secrets there are a few traps. There is a jail area, 2 arenas, and a warehouse area. They are all just kind of random things I thought of as I was making my map. Not counting the secrets there are 2 areas that would be good for dueling (I've been told by some friends who tested it before it was finished). They are both in the big room. One is on the main floor the other is a observation type area. I'm not good with descriptions if you haven't noticed. There isn't much to say. I may have overused the lava and the wall textures.
its simple!
just extract the .pk3 to your base folder
example: c:\program files\lucasarts\Jedi Academy\GameData\Base <----- GOES HERE !!
cant make it any easier to understand
one last thing!
dont judge too quickly its not as small as it looks! there are plenty of secret areas. sadly almost half the map is secret or at least kind of secret. I tried to make the secrets easier to find. I will be most likely making a version 2 if I get enough feedback.
Credits: Thanks to {SotFK}JInit.Drexon and {MeB}GBHntr.Fly!ingPhoenix for some ideas! And most of all thanks to Caleb Creed for helping me to learn to map !! :D 

Well good luck and thanks a lot for at least giving my map a shot,

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