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Are you tired of the Swoop vehicle? Have you ever wanted to ride a hoverboard instead? If so, I have just the thing for you! That's right...


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Are you tired of the Swoop vehicle? Have you ever wanted to ride a hoverboard instead? If so, I have just the thing for you!

That's right, I have for you all a hoverboard vehicle set by Inyri Forge. There are two pk3s in this pack, one containing the main hoverboard, and another containing extra skins and a single player swoop replacement.

When I first loaded this up, I noticed that the readme said that the pack with the extra skins would work only if the other pack was not included. However, after loading up the game this way and finding myself riding a stormtrooper, I guessed that it was a typo that meant to say "will not work without hoverboard_if.pk3" :p

Once I sorted that out, I played the Swoop level of JA with the hoverboards. First thing I noticed was the new animations. The weaponless hoverboard stance was the staff stance, which worked pretty well. For the E-11, it was the same, but with the E-11 held sideways, which I thought was pretty cool. With the saber, the hands were held to the side, which was a good pick. The attacking animation, though, was not all that great. It was the sideways staff slash. Due to this, it was pretty hard to actually hit other swoop riders, which was annoying. Something else I noticed, when I was riding along with my saber out, and hit a big bump, the saber went under the hoverboard while I fell and then back to the hand. It can actually look cool at times, spinning around like that, but most of the time it looks like the saber goes nuts and decides to attack the ground before returning to the hand.

Now on to the model itself... The model seems to be a simple, yet effective one. Being what it is, something more complex may look bad. The skins are all well done, also, both in the quality of them and the variety of them.

All in all, I think that this is a good vehicle set, even with the very few problems I had with it. I encourage you all to download this file for yourselves.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Hoverboard
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
E-MAIL: inyriforge@gmail.com

FILENAME: hoverboard_if.pk3 & hoverboard_if_extras.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 17 February 2007
BUILD TIME: 1 week

Lots of credits here, thanks to the great support of the community. Boards were contributed by the following people: Shady-D, madcatmach2, Datalord, Ryo Thorn, GnOe, Crossbolt, QuikSilverAcid3, Delfos, and Plasma89.

Dump hoverboard_if.pk3 in your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory. For added community skins and SP swoop replacement, also add hoverboard_if_extras.pk3. Please note that the extra skins and SP swoop replacement will *not* function without hoverboard_if.pk3.

Swoops are fun, but I needed something new. So suddenly it occured to me that a hoverboard, as a swoop replacement (or even its own vehicle) would be really cool. And so a little hoverboard was born! It hovers, it glows, it hums, and it sinks in water (for those who were worried!).


To spawn the hoverboards, use the following commands:

npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_if
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_if2
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_if3
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_if4

To spawn the extra hoverboard skins (with hoverboard_if_extras.pk3 installed), use the following commands:

npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_shadyd
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_datalord
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_madcat
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_ryo
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_gnoe
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_crossbolt
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_quik
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_wjg
npc spawn vehicle hoverboard_plasma

There are some innate bugs. To get all the animations suitable for a hoverboard, I've had to completely overwrite the swoop rider animations. This is one reason I've included a swoop overwrite. Not only is it cool, but it's really handy if you have the other swoops installed (spawn the MP swoop with this mod installed and you'll see why). Also, because this mod edits animations.cfg, this means any other animation mods may cause conflicts (included serverside mods with their own CFG files - editing may need to be done for compatibility).

Also, if you spawn the hoverboard while looking down, you may wind up with your hoverboard embedded into the ground, so keep your head held high while you spawn your vehicle ;).

This is not meant to be any specific hoverboard, not limited to the Back to the Future hoverboard (which, let me repeast, this is not).

You may use this modification in mods as long as this read-me is included in your archive, unaltered, and appropriate credit is given. You may make as many reskins of this hoverboard as you like without my permission as long as this read-me is included in your archive, unaltered, and appropriate credit is given. You may use any of the assets from this mod to create your own mod, as long as this read-me is included in your archive, unaltered, and appropriate credit is given. You may not distribute *this* archive to any other site.


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