How NOT To Take Over The World Ep.1

I had hoped that the final product of this video would be better than the trailer, but I regret to say that not much has improved here. The...


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I had hoped that the final product of this video would be better than the trailer, but I regret to say that not much has improved here. The voice acting is mediocre to bad (since when was Boba Fett 12 years old?), the dialogue is poor, and episode 1 had little to no plot. It's usually helpful if the authors explain the plot in their read-me, just in case it's not clear - which seems to be the case here - but the authors seemed too lazy to put it in their read-me, and instead urge any confused parties to e-mail. Well I don't know about you, but I don't think I should have to e-mail anyone to understand a video.

The actual filming could be better. The lag was pretty high, even for FRAPS, though the filmer does seem to have the basic concepts of filming down. The clips seem to be edited together okay, as well. However even the most well-made video won't be good without a decent plot, so I'd suggest the authors work on that. I would also strongly urge the authors to credit their actors in their read-me or in the credits of their video, which they have casually left out. I was generous this time, but if there are no credits in Episode 2 I will reject the video.

Hopefully that should give you guys something to work toward for your next episode. I do hope to see some improvements.


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Title: How NOT To Take Over The World Ep.1
Directors: Watsit + Zuperfreak (find us on version 1.00)
MSN: (this is Watsit's email, Zuperfreak's MSN is not working)
Size: about 9.5 MB
Credits: Big cheer for Almighty_gir and his Demonic Knight model =) Also big thanks to ^LOTS For helping us guys rock!
How To View: Just Unzip it ANYWHERE and double click :)
Bugs: Since we are using an unregistered version of FRAPS the sound of JKA (Blaster sounds ect. not voices) are slightly

Description: P.R PRODUCTIONS IS HAPPY TO PRESENT OUR FIRST PEICE OF WORK! For those who watched the trailer most people thought it was
a big letdown in sound...sorry...nothing i can do about that at the present, but im working on it :). The first 2 episodes of this
series are kinda like...a little dull but we have to do to get the storyline down :-/
	We are new to the movie thing, but hopfully we will get the hang of it in the end, and this series is just so we can do that...
and perhaps some of you may enjoy it o.0, Ah well...we will make more movies in the to get info on upcoming plans and stuff
vist our website: WWW.FREEWEBS.COM/PRPROD
	This episode is called gunfight for a specsific reason (no geusses as to why)
	If you have ANY Questions about the characters, story, or you dont understand anything OR even if you want to act simply email me!
In future, this way i can also send you specific episodes...enjoy our first ever movie...or not...personnal i dont care but er...ah whatever
just watch it ;)


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