How NOT To Take Over The World TRAILER

It's a very short trailer. About a minute or so. It's a trailer for yet another comedy series. I'm hoping the author of this video improv...


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It's a very short trailer. About a minute or so. It's a trailer for yet another comedy series. I'm hoping the author of this video improves a few things before the final release - the quality of the sound (both acting and filmed through FRAPS) being just one of those things.

The actual compilation of this trailer leaves a bit to be desired, as it seems to be a random collection of shots with nothing to tie them together. However if you're curious about what the final video will contain, a short plot summary is included in the read-me.

Overall I'm hoping the final video is better than this trailer suggests it will be. I'll look forward to seeing it, just to see how it turns out. Good luck!


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Title: How NOT To Take Over The World TRAILER
Directors: Watsit + Zuperfreak (find us on version 1.00)  
MSN: (this is Watsit's email, Zuperfreak's MSN is not working)  
Size: 7551 kb (about 7.5 MB)  
Credits: Big cheer for Almighty_gir and his Demonic Knight model =) Also big thanks to ^LOTS For helping us guys rock!
	 ...Oh yeah and the music, which is Metallica's Ride the Lightning...I WILL WORSHIP YOU GUYS SO LONG AS I LIVE!!
How To View: Just Unzip it ANYWHERE and double click :)
Bugs: Since we are using an unregistered version of FRAPS the sound of JKA (Blaster sounds ect. not voices) are slightly

Description (SPOILER ALERT IN THIS!):Nice one ;) you just downloaded the trailer for our upcoming series "How not to take over the world".
Its a funny little thing we thought we would do to make people happy...and we wanted to do something new
with JKA! =D. Here is a little spoiler! (basicly the events of the first few episodes)


This series is going to be about an evil genius named M.C (dont ask what it stands for) 
who is trying to take over the world...only problem is...he sucks at it! With his australian and slightly
idiotic side-kick they have raised a sith army and are preparing to march upon the world. But first things
first...The jedi have to be eleminated...

	Meanwhile, an exe-stormtrooper named Zarac, a man with a dark secret AND Still wearing his stormtrooper
uniform is scouting a local spaceport in search of the mutant rancor Jaden failed to kill...when he meets a 
Bounty Hunter who, at first, thinks he is a real stormtrooper and tries to kill him. After the dust clears and 
Things fall into place, the bounty hunter reveals that his name is Sor'ak Fett, and is in direct relation with the
dreaded bounty hunter Boba Fett. 

	M.C Hires a Hitman (well...Hitwoman in this case) to kill the ancient jedi master, McSaberboff. 
His death will result in a loss of order in the jedis ranks. Upon hearing this from an intercepted transmission, Zarac 
and Sor'ak run to save McSaberboff, but the ensueing fight goes horribly wrong, causing Zarac to befriend the Hitwoman,
Fail to save McSaberboffs life and somehow finds himself in charge of the entire jedi order!

	It turns out that the Hitwoman is actually a saber weilding woman after all, who goes by the name
of Isis. Wondering the plains between Jedi and Sith, she gives Zarac alot of information about M.C and his plans.
Against all odds, Zarac, an ordinary Stormtrooper, must lead the enitre jedi order to battle against M.C and his
forces, foiling each and every one of his evil plans to dominate all matter how stupid they may seem...


Thats basicly just a small idea of how the story begins...enjoy =)

If you have ANY Questions about the characters, story, or you dont understand anything OR even if you want to act simply email me!
In future, this way i can also send you specific episodes...enmjoy the trailer, and the upcoming series! =D


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