How to Install a PK3

Utility rating: * * (out of four)

An author named Thinking made this GIF clip instructing you on how to install a PK3. It's a little str...


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Utility rating: * * (out of four)

An author named Thinking made this GIF clip instructing you on how to install a PK3. It's a little strange. I've never seen a file before that instructs you on how to install a file, and I have never seen it done in an animated GIF format. But I will evaluate it on its own levels, however unusual they are. It tells you to download the file, and you will see it on your desktop; then it proceeds to show you how to extract the PK3 from the ZIP and how to then move that PK3 to the base folder of Jedi Academy's base folder. The methods used are surprisingly impractical and unorthodox, at least by my own personal standards.

The overall problem with the tutorial is the numerous assumptions that it makes. It first assumes that I am using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which insults my knowledge that there are dramatically better free browsers out there, such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox. I still, however, get the point that I simply have to use a save button regardless of my browser to save the file. Then it proceeds to show the file on the desktop, which is where most people save stuff, which is fine -- I needn't really mention, though, that I prefer to keep my desktop uncluttered, never putting anything there, even downloads. Then the tutorial jumps into an extremely long-winded method to extracting and installing PK3 files. I've never heard of the "Compressed Folders Extraction Wizard;" what's the point of an extraction wizard? Extracting files is such a simple task that the whole idea of a wizard to drag you through it is foreign to me; to extract files from zip files, bz2, or (t)gz files or anything else, I simply have to right-click and hit "Extract here" (using 7-Zip on Windows or just the default Archive Manager on Linux).

I also think that the tutorial's method of finding the GameData folder is extremely unnecessary, slow, and won't always work. You might not be using Windows XP, or you might have several different GameData folders in your computer (if you have other Q3 games), which destroys the tutorial's impractical method of using Explorer's Search function to find your GameData folder. On my computer, I just have a shortcut to my Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast GameData folders right on my otherwise-uncluttered desktop. Going to the Start menu, hitting search, and typing in GameData every time I want to go there is a waste of time; the tutorial should have instructed beginners in the most practical methods rather than the easiest-to-follow.

I'll also add that the tutorial uses unsound grammar and may be a bit too big for the simple ideas that it needs to convey. The pacing of going from one frame to the next was usually fine, except in the beginning when I was presented with a screen of text and it was taken away a fraction of a second too quickly for me to get through all of it. I disagree with the tutorial's instruction of right-clicking and hitting "Copy" to copy a file; just select a file and hit Ctrl+C. And, finally, what's the point of instructing someone how to download and extract a PK3 if, in order to view the file itself, you have to already know how to download it and extract it? I don't know how to make animated GIFs myself, so the author cannot possibly be more associated than I am with idiots. This whole tutorial, however, seemed to be designed for them.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:How to Install a PK3	
E-MAIL:[email protected]

FILENAME: How to Install a PK3
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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open with a picture program.

DESCRIPTION: A short GIF picture that will show you how to install a pk3.

BUGS: know known bugs.



Required items: A picture program that can open GIF pictures.

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