[HR] City of the Dead (v2)

It's always nice to see new CTF maps. Apocolypse (or Spector, as I know him) keeps with the theme that he's most familiar with - dark maps...


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It's always nice to see new CTF maps. Apocolypse (or Spector, as I know him) keeps with the theme that he's most familiar with - dark maps with lots of fire. :) You won't be confused which side you're on because the lighting and the dense fog make it quite clear if you're in red or blue's territory. All of the fire does do damage, so careful around those turns. The random lightning adds to the ambience in this map - and I believe it does damage as well. There are shortcuts to your opponet's base, but it will require a bit of destruction of a wall or two. Don't confuse the liquid in blue's base for water - it is lava. That kinda surprised me.

My FPS was okay in this map, though it could've been better. And Apocolypse's suggestion for higher FPS is to remove the fire effects pk3. The fog, I felt, was just a little too thick and looking at all red or all blue for too long kinda got boring, and hard on the eyes. The layout is fine, though I initially had a hard time finding my way to the other side. The bases are mirrored, so it is laid out well for CTF. The new music, I thought, was a good choice for this map. I'm looking forward to your future maps, Apocolypse.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: CTF, FFA, TFFA


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Download 'hrctfv2.zip' (10.2MB)

Author:		Apocolypse
Email:		Do not contact me
Build Time:	17 hours

This capture the flag map is set in an old temple-like city. each side has ts own color of lightning, fog,
and flames. There are a few secrets in this map, one that allows you to teleport near the other teams
ctf base and annother that is a secret entrance to the ctf base.

Other Info:
If you get very low fps, then delete the HR_CTF_Fire_effects.pk3 from your base folder. This will make
it so none of the fire effects play in the map but will increase your fps by alot.

The music is now in a separate .pk3 file. This is so if you like the music from v1 better you can switch
it to that, or if you like niether you can make it any music you want.

Bot Routing:	yes
New Effects:	yes
New Gfx:		yes
New Music:	yes
New Shaders:	yes
New Textures:	yes
Game Types:	ffa, team ffa, ctf

v2 changes:
Increased lightnign freaquency
Increased lightning damage
Made the lava in the blue base to be blue instead of red
Fixed the missing textures in both flag bases
Re did the bot routing to make it a little better
Changed the music
Increased the speed of the doors
Changed the color of the fire in some areas of the blue base which were accidentaly left as red in v1
Changed the fire to work correctly in some of the buildings on the red side
Fixed the problem with bots getting stuck on invisible walls

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