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I was amazed at this map because of the good FPS I got on it. It has a huge mirrored floor, and hardly ANY drop in speed, and no slowdown. I...


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I was amazed at this map because of the good FPS I got on it. It has a huge mirrored floor, and hardly ANY drop in speed, and no slowdown. I was amazed,because I'd always thought mirrors were a bad thing to have in maps, but not here. Even if you did have slowdown problems, you can simply remove a file and everything will become 'un-shiny.'

I spawned into the entrance room, (with the mirrored floor) and grimaced at the music. Its kinda like a creepy church organ piece, sounds like something from Silent Hill. Not a great start. Now , theres a desk and 2 ways to go. One said visitors, and the other said Clan Members. Well, I wanted to go and see what the clan room was like first, and went in. Now, it became obvious by the size of the beer bottles behind the bar that the clan like their alcahol ;) and every member of the clan (at least i think it is all of em) has their own special poster displayed on the wall. Now, the visitors area is absically the same, except it doesn't have the posters. Both sides look onto another large room, which is probably the main duel area. It has two 'Shyboxes' for people to watch from, as well as the clan and visitor rooms.

I also noticed that the walkways extending to this duel room (from the entrances) worked by the lifts that take you there. The idea is nice, but you can just jump it if you really want to :p That's about it. One last point. In the readme I have read that there is a secret room, with 'adult' material in it. I didn't find the room, but I'm giving you the warning anyway. Overall, the map is of basic design for a clan map, and there's nothing too special or wonderous, but it does its purpose well enough. And I did like the shaders used on the pillars of the duel area. Finally, can't compliment enough on the mirrors. How do you do it ? :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'htournament_map_v2.zip' (7.62MB)

Author:		Apocolypse/Spector
Email:		Do not contact me
Build Time:	18 hours

A medium sized map made for tournaments with the HR clan.  This map was made to have a high class
look to it.  Most things are shiny and mirrors.  Each clan gets their own "waiting room" where they can
watch duels going on on a big screen plasma TV :P  And yes the "TV" actually works it isnt some fake

Put the HR_Tournament_Map.pk3 and HR_Tournament_shiny.pk3 in your base folder

Other Info:
If you are experiencing bad FPS on this map delete the HR_Tournament_Shiny.pk3 from your base
folder. This will cause many shader effects not to work but will increase your FPS by alot.

WARNING: This map contains adult content not suitable for children. While this content is not out in
the open, you can still see it if you go to the secret area.


Version 2:
You can now use bots without it freezing the game.
Added a bar in each clan room
Made the evevator work better and made it able to be called down from the duel arena halway
Sped up the walkway that etends to the duel arena
Moved the secret place
Added in "trash cans" in the clan rooms
Added books and cups on tables
Gave the information droid a little "protection"
fixed the z-fighting in part of the HR viewing box area
Added bot routing
Fixed the server crashing problem

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