Yay...version 2...

Gweth has spared me few details in the coming of the second version ⌐_⌐ so you can tell I'm thrilled at th...


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Yay...version 2...

Gweth has spared me few details in the coming of the second version ⌐_⌐ so you can tell I'm thrilled at this point.

This model is basically meant to be almost the ultimate female model that will replace Leela and hurt her feelings and make her cry, where I shall promptly laugh and then cleave through both their skulls. The result of this effort? Hapslash quality. Need I say more? Okay fine, it's really good, but it's not really not that thrilling to me. However, I'm sure the female players are rejoicing like crazy and will probably roar at me for not giving a rave review of this sensational model.

I wasn't thrilled with the soundsets on Gweth at all. Apparantly they're from Babylon 5. They sounded like some uppity crank feminist who hasn't slept in five years and needs to be hit over the head with a scythe. The sound quality is decent, minus one gloating sound. Is it good overall? Yeah, definitely. I just can't say it's THAT great just because it feels like Hapslash sold out. That may not be the case, but I don't plan on playing Sherlock Holmes to find out the motive behind this model.

Surrender your bandwidth immediately, lest I cleave you with a scythe myself. Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'hs_gweth_kelia_v2.zip' (13.9MB)

(Ignore brown eyed Selene screens, the eye file has been replaced to make Selene’s eyes blue)

Readme File:

Title : HS_Gweth_Kelia_V2
Design and Concept:: Jessica ‘Gweth’ (Of Gweth, not Kelia)
Sounds: Jessica ‘Gweth’, sounds from Babylon 5
Model maker: HapSlash
Weighting: HapSlash
Textures and shaders: HapSlash
Character Icons: Jessica ‘Gweth’
BOT/NPC Support: Jessica ‘Gweth’
Additional input and help with facial weighting: Infinity Blade 
E-Mail: hapslash@hotmail.com  | Gwethenea@hotmail.com  |  kelia_partygal@hotmail.com 
Website: http://rpgnewera.17.forumer.com/index.php  |  http://s9.invisionfree.com/Hapslashs_Void/

File Version: 2.0 Final (After –many- beta’s)
File Name: zzz_HS_Gweth_Kelia_V2.pk3



*Skin Basics* 

Bot Support: yes
NPC Support: yes
Team Support: yes
New Textures: yes
New Sounds: yes
Custom Shaders: yes

Gwethenea Description: Originally a character for my short stories and what-not when I was in a professional writing and editing course at University, Gwethenea quickly became a personality I role-played with on various rpg’s my brother and friends had corrupted me into liking. 

Now a character on various RPG servers in JK:A, here’s her final look.

A customizable menu female model with many options and a total of approximately 27648 possible variations.

This model is made in such a way that it can resemble a smuggler, pilot, trader, rogue, agent, spy, formal/royalty virtually most character concepts.

(32 head options)
-NOT LEELA!...for once, or Jan. Gwethenea and Selene meshes by HapSlash.
-Multiple hair-styles with sunglasses optional for each to choose from.
-Leather Hood option for trench-coat
-Cloth hood option for cloak/robe
-Gwethenea heads have green ‘Gweth’ text in background. Selene heads do not.
-Black leather full head mask with green lenses.
-Black leather full head mask with eye cut-outs.

(32 torso options)
-Long-sleeve grey shirt.
-Long-sleeve white shirt.
-White t-shirt
-Grey t-shirt
-Grey under garment with Gwethenea’s scars
-Grey undergarment without scars
-Full form fitting black leather outfit torso with gloves.
-Full form fitting black leather outfit torso without gloves and unzipped very slightly.
-Black leather jacket with all undershirt options (minus scars).
-Brown leather jacket with all undershirt options (minus scars).
-Denim jacket with all undershirt options (minus scars).
-Black leather trench-coat with all undershirt options (minus scars).
-Black leather coat with all undershirt options (minus scars).
-Grey cloak torso option.

(27 leg options)
-Street camouflage pants with black boots and multiple options for gun holsters (or none).
-Black leather pants with black boots and multiple options for gun holsters (or none).
-Typical jeans with black shoes and multiple options for gun holsters (or none).
-Black leather pants with black shoes and multiple options for gun holsters (or none).
-Lower in hip area jeans with black shoes and multiple options for gun holsters (or none).
-Black latex (?) pants with black shoes and multiple options for gun holsters (or none).
-Leather pants with boots to match the torso form fitting outfit with one holster option (or none).
-Grey cloak leg option.
-Red/black jacket with red shirt and camo pants (red)
-Full ‘bodysuit’ red leather (red)
-Blue/black jacket with blue shirt and camo pants (blue)
-Full ‘bodysuit’ blue leather (blue)

Many parts of this model are constructed by HapSlash. Some may be similar to parts from his other models but many have been tweaked a little if not completely retextured.
Some parts of the model, although re-skinned and re-shaded are from the previous Gwethenea re-skin by Elvarg/Scerendo.
Previous Gwethenea skin was a re-skin of SaberGirl’s sabergirlleela_version.zip
Elvarg: elvarg@msn.com
Sabergirl: sabrgirl@online.no
Some small parts are also from Raven’s Jan and hf-jedi.
I think everyone will notice the short hair, holster belts, and sleeve ends from the Leela model.. only rewoked some here.  Jaden and Jan bits here and there. with a portion of my ESB Leia.
As Kelia Leenat and Gwethenea V2 were planned to be a joint release, this is a continuation from that original plan anyway.

Head Icons: Gweth
All Other Icons: HapSlash


Fixed vertex’ and vertex shading errors which existed on both Gwethenea and Selene/Kelia parts. 
Worked a little more on the weighting, there is now weighting/animation to the mouth for SP cut-scenes.
Bottom of the nose where textures were slightly blurred has been fixed.
Re-aligned parts that were slightly off in previous version.
And much, much more.


Some minor little texture bugs, nothing too big, a little clipping in texture hardly spotable, but mostly with the coats, hence why you choose no holsters when wearing the coats= no clipping(so not really an error, d’uh).


* How to install *

**You -MUST- delete any previous version of Gwethenea and Kelia for this to work properly** (errors can occur, and maybe not occur, so be on the safe side with clearing out the V1’s) Place the pk3 in your base folder and enjoy. Or if you have the JA+ mod, it can be placed in the japlus folder.


* Copyright / Permissions *

Permission from both Gweth, Kelia and HapSlash is required to reskin/model this model (not just one, contact them all). This readme should be attached to any re-skin as well as your own, Credit on your readme must be given. 


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