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In case any of the other dozens of prequel Jedi skins, packs, and customizations weren't enough to whet your appetite, here we have another...


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In case any of the other dozens of prequel Jedi skins, packs, and customizations weren't enough to whet your appetite, here we have another. Boasting many heads and torsos, this pack includes both a "knight" version and a "padawan" version. I find the variations provided here a bit boring, however. You get one style, then color variations of it. Nothing is added as in some other packs, there is nothing "exciting" about them, unless you really like having different colors of the same thing. No sounds were included, so if you don't have the original models these use (HapSlash's Obi-wan and Kevin Coyle's Anakin) you will likely just hear boring ol' Jaden.

Personally I think the Obi-wan model has just about been beaten to death now. We've got dozens upon dozens of outfits for good ol' Obi-wan, and I'm sure he has about six pairs of the same robes now! Please... move on to something new. We can only stand seeing the same things over and over so many times. Other than the single-player support, which is the point of the mod, no extras. These skins aren't even usable without using the customizations creen. They just have looots of colors.

Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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Download 'hs_jedi_customizationv4.zip' (19.79MB)

HS Jedi Customization, v4.0 by Doc Phil (aka Torvan Raiker)
December 30, 2005


Installation Instructions
- Extract both of the .pk3s into your GameData/base directory. YOU MUST REMOVE previous 
versions of my JEDI customizations. (NPJ Jedi Customization etc..)


- What's new in v4? New icons have been made for both padawans and knights/masters. The
knights/masters "species" is now based upon Hapslash's Obi-Wan Ep3 model versus the older
one made by Aaron_Smith. Thus, the robes and torsos have much better quality. Two new
robes have been added, as well.

How many things to choose from are there?

Padawan Selection:
- 3 heads
- 10 torsos

Knights/Masters Selection:
- 8 heads
- 17 torsos
- 7 robes/cloaks (hooded or unhooded, for a total of 14)

- So how do you go about setting up your jedi? I'll split it up between Knights/Masters
and Padawans.

Padawans - Since padawans have no robes, just select the head you'd like and the torso you'd
like. The legs change automatically to match the torso.

Knights/Masters - The setup for this is like so..  Now, like in the fix,if you want a hood,
you must make sure you choose the head that has a hood on it. There's several heads to 
choose from, based on either Hapslash's Obi-wan or the Prequel Jedi head. In the torso 
selection (where there are now 17 torsos to choose from), if you want a robe (hooded or not),
find the torso you want that says "Robed" at the bottom. If you don't want a robe, just pick 
the torso that doesn't say anything. Onto the Legs/Cloak section (as it should now be 
labeled), here you will choose, not only if you want your robe hooded or not, but what 
color! Colors available are red, black, white, grey, blue, brown, and tan.

Note: This mod works in cohesion with any other customization mods I've made.

I hope you all enjoy this customization! Happy New Year!


- Original Jedi (Obi-Wan, Ep3) model-- Hapslash
- Original Padawan model-- Kevin Coyle
- All changes and editing-- Torvan Raiker


Questions? Comments? Talk to me on msn at [email protected] or e-mail me at previously said address. 

Visit our site at..

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