Human Female Skin Expansion Pack

Yay for new human female heads, legs, torsos and stuff! Now there are countless new combinations for the human female! Okay, not countless....


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Yay for new human female heads, legs, torsos and stuff! Now there are countless new combinations for the human female! Okay, not countless. In fact, the author actually added it all up for you and there now happens to be "1628 total variations, without using any of the original heads or 5 out 6 of the original torsos." The new looks are just lovely. I don't particularly care for the orange one in the third screenshot, but it's nice to have more choices. :) I really like that last one ... the blue one. And with the new hair colors, it just gives this particular face a softer look, y'know?

There's not much more I can say other than - DO MORE! ;) I would love to see more new styles for the human female. Especially some different faces - if possible. And maybe make some more clothing options that are more like the Zabrak and Twi'lek styles available for the human. Anyway, great job. :D


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Human Female (Jaden) Skin Expansion Pack
Released for Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy: April 25, 2004

This is a modification for the Lucasarts/Raven Software PC game Star Wars® Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy(tm).
This file was created by Amidala (operator of the Chop Shop Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast servers).


== File Details ==

Zip Distributed Name:

PK3 Name: jedi_hf_expansion.pk3

Skin Author: Amidala (only my second (re)skin, woohoo!)

Web Address: (not up at this time, might be up at a future date) 

Email: [email protected]

Programs Used: 	MGI PhotoSuite 4		Most of the image editing was done with this program (got it *free* after rebate a few years ago)
		Adobe Photoshop 5.5	Used for creating\editing alpha channels and compositing screenshots (my brother works for Adobe and he gave it to me for *free* a couple of years ago. I never had a reason to install it until now)
		ModView Version 2.5 	Used for viewing the skins on the model and to make screenshots for icons (from the *free* JA SDK)
		Microsoft Wordpad 5.0	Used for editing skin, shader, and bot files (comes *free* with Windows)
		WinZip 8.1 		Used for opening, creating, and adding to .pk3 files (*free* Evaluation Version)


== Mod Information ==

	* Can be used in SINGLE-PLAYER game: Yes!

	* Can be used in MUTIPLAYER game: Yes!

	* CTF/TFFA Team Support: Yes!

	* Bot Support: Yes! (bots are enhanced, so watch out!)

	* Custom Sounds: No (uses standard female Jaden sounds).


== Installation ==

Put the jedi_hf_expansion.pk3 file in your \LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.

To uninstall, simply move or delete the jedi_hf_expansion.pk3 file from your
\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.


== Features ==

This expansion pack adds more choices for the Human Female character available in the Jedi Academy custom character menu.

	* It can be used in both the SINGLE-PLAYER (as Jaden) and MULTIPLAYER games

	* It adds 4 additional heads, 5 variations of the standard torsos plus the Hoth torso, and 2 additional legs plus the Hoth legs

	* All of the torsos and legs support color-tinting and team colors, including the Hoth clothes

	* One of the heads has hair and earrings that are tinted the same color as the clothes (including team colors)

	* All torsos with bare hands (no gloves) have nail polish that adopts the color-tint of the clothes.  One of the torsos has a
	  navel piercing that also takes on the color-tint of the clothes.

	* All of the original heads, torsos, and legs remain available in the menu

	* Includes bot support (not that it's needed, but just to show how to create bots that use the custom characters)

	* Fixes a bug in the default and Siege human female skins that specified mis-matched face and hair textures

Excluding the Hoth clothes, the original heads, and 5 of the original torsos for the moment, there are 6 torsos and 6 legs that can be
mixed and matched, for a total of 36 combinations. Adding the Hoth clothes as a unit as one more choice makes 37. There are 4 new heads 
that can be used with each of those combinations, 37 x 4 = 148. There are 9 color tints that can be used with each of those choices, 
148 x 9 = 1332 variations for non-team games.

There are 2 team colors (Red and Blue), 148 x 2 = 296 combinations for team games. 1332 + 296 = 1628 total variations, without using any
of the original heads or 5 out 6 of the original torsos.


== Instructions ==

* SUGGESTION: open your console (shift and ~) ingame and enter

	/set cg_fov 90 or /set cg_fov 100

(default is 80).  That will move your third-person point of view a little farther back
so you can see more of your character.  It will also give you more peripheral vision
so you can more easily see others approaching you from the sides or from behind.

For the SINGLE-PLAYER game, you are given an opportunity when starting a New Game to customize your character.
Select the head, torso, legs, and color-tint you desire. The head that has a gray-haired icon has hair that takes
on the color-tinting of the clothes. You will see the hair color of the icon change as you change color-tint.

If you want to change your character in the middle of the SINGLE-PLAYER game, open the console (shift and ~) and enter

	playerModel jedi_hf <head> <torso> <lower>

where <head>, <torso>, and <lower> are your choices for each (listed below). For example,

	playerModel jedi_hf head_b4 torso_g1 lower_e1

will give you the red-haired head wearing the Hoth clothes.


	* head_b2	Blonde hair
	* head_b3	Brunette (dark brown) hair
	* head_b4	Red hair
	* head_b5	Color-tintable\team color hair (hair is gray if no color tint is selected) and earrings


	* torso_a2	Like torso_a1 but removed the skirt flaps and lightened the skin tone. The fingernails take on the clothing color-tint.
	* torso_b2	Like torso_b1 but removed the skirt flap and lightened the skin tone. The fingernails take on the clothing color-tint.
	* torso_c2	Like torso_c1, but removed the belt and added a navel piercing that takes on the color-tint of the clothes. Also lightened the skin tone, and the fingernails take on the clothing color-tint.
	* torso_d2	Exactly the same as torso_d1, but included to keep it in it's place in the new menu order.
	* torso_e2	Lightened the skin tone of the arms, otherwise the same as torso_e1.
	* torso_f2		Like torso_f1, but removed the skirt flaps and lightened the skin tone of the arms.
	* torso_g1	The Hoth torso, now with color-tintable sections and team color support.


	* lower_b2	Bare legs and boots, adapted from the Zabrak Female lower_b1. The bikini bottom takes color-tints\team colors.
	* lower_d2	Black pants with color-tintable accents, adapted from the Zabrak Female lower_a1. Goes well with most torsos, especially torso_d2.
	* lower_e1	The Hoth pants, with a color-tintable\team color side stripe.

Of course, all of the standard legs can be used with the new heads and torsos.
The original heads and torsos can also be used, but the skin tones won't match the new heads or torsos.

* To change your color-tint in SINGLE-PLAYER, use the command

	playerTint <0 - 255> <0 - 255> <0 - 255>

where the first number is the amount of red, the second is the amount of green, and the third is the amount of blue.

The higher the number, the more of that color is mixed in.

	'playerTint 0 0 0' is black and 'playerTint 255 255 255' is white.

Here are the formulas for the default color-tints (copy it on a Post-It for quick reference):

	*white		playerTint 255 255 255
	*red		playerTint 165 48 21
	*yellow		playerTint 254 230 132
	*blue-gray	playerTint 181 207 255
	*pink		playerTint 233 183 208
	*light green	playerTint 161 226 240
	*blue		playerTint 101 159 255
	*orange		playerTint 255 157 114
	*violet		playerTint 216 160 255

* For MULTIPLAYER, the custom menu is always available under Profile.  Simply select a new head, torso, legs, and\or color tint at any time.
If you use head_b5 when playing CTF or TFFA, the hair will take on the team colors (Red or Blue).

To use additional color-tints besides the nine standard tints in MULTIPLAYER, open the console (shift and ~) and enter

	/set char_color_red <0 - 255>
	/set char_color_green <0 - 255>
	/set char_color_blue <0 - 255>

using the same concepts mentioned above. It takes three separate command entries to fully change the color-tint in multiplayer.	


== Bots ==

The bots are named sinna, jen, stormy, and jessica, after some (female) regulars on my servers.

To add a bot, open the console (shift and ~) and enter

	/addbot <botname> <skill level> 

where <skill level> is a number from 1 to 5, 1 being lowest skill and 5 highest skill.


	/addbot sinna 2

	/addbot jen 4

	/addbot stormy 3

	/addbot jessica 1

The baseline bot skill has been enhanced from standard, so these bots at skill level 1 
are the same as a standard Luke or Tavion bot at skill level 5 (Jedi Master).


== Distribution Notes ==

This mod was created to be ENJOYED BY and USED BY PLAYERS, not to serve as the basis for another skin or mod.

Recent events have shown me that there are some people out there who will take the work of others, make MINIMAL SUPERFICIAL changes, 
and then distribute it as something 'new' that they 'created', contrary to the explicit wishes of the original creators.

I freely admit that all of this mod is a reworking of the fine work of Raven Software, and without the excellent source material that they provided, 
I couldn't have created this myself from scratch.

HOWEVER, that being said, I put MANY MANY hours\days\weeks into adding shader effects (hard when you have no prior knowledge of or experience with shaders)
and modifying the Raven source material, often on a pixel-by-pixel basis, over and over and over again to get it right.
Most changes weren't simple or easy (especially when you are a skinning noob like me and have never used Photoshop before).

All of the files in this mod were created or edited by me. There is no unmodified Ravensoft material in this mod. 
A few of the modifications are simple\trivial, but most aren't.


If permission for use is granted, this readme file MUST accompany the distribution.

Permission is automatically refused to use any part of this mod for a 'nude' or 'naked' Jaden or female skin.

Sorry to be so firm, but I put a lot of time and effort into this for people to use and enjoy, not so it can be 'borrowed' and claimed by someone else.

You can do the same thing I did and modify the excellent original Raven source material to make something even better than what I made, 
and you will have true ownership of your work. You'll probably do better starting fresh anyway.


== Thanks/Development Credits ==

First of all, thanks to the Raven Software artists who created the excellent source material that I reworked:
	Les Dorscheid, Nick Choles, Joe Koberstein, Isaac Owens, Todd Rueping, Derek Smith, Jason Smith, Andrew Trabbold, and Gina Garren.

Thanks to jp-30 for his excellent skinning tutorial, and razorace for his icon tutorial.

Special thanks to all of those who gave me advice and encouragement at
Without your support and kind words, I never would have started and completed this project:
	lassev, wedge2211, GothiX, keshire, Zappa_0, Prime, Antizac, Lei Hng Wei, Ro'Nin1968, t3rr0r, Lil Killa, Godzilla, Autobot Traitor,
	{JE}IceStorm, {JE}Sinna, {JE}DougHChrist, and {JE}RED-5. 


== Copyright/Permissions ==

© 2003 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.


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