Dont expect too much because this is my first map, but please download, its an ok map in my opinion so give comments so I know where...


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Dont expect too much because this is my first map, but please download, its an ok map in my opinion so give comments so I know where to improve.

Glad he came to us, because this map needs a LOT of improvement, even from a cartoonish perspective.

So first off, the basics. This is essentially an incredibly warped town @_@ it looks like it might have been even intended for some light role play, but not by much. What YOU the viewer will notice is that the map is horribly ugly. I can't even be gentle or soft on it. The textures he has used, whilst good for a cartoon perspective, have been abused to the point where they lose their value.

Okay, I'm gonna get to the part to repair, save, and improve on this map now, since this was in fact your intent.

- Diversify your textures: Definitely take your time on the next version. Not every wall, roof, floor, etc. must have the same texture! It was very difficult to locate the doors, which brings me to my next point.

- SMALLER DOORS: Whilst Japanese doors are nice, I don't think even they have/had an entire wall that needed to be slid back. Don't forget to learn how to include ambient noises for your door operation!

-Skybox, learn to make 'em: This entire "town" was inside a box, as opposed to having an open skybox that you could believe in. Half of the box was covered in a HUGE repetitive cloud texture, and looked very tacky.

- NPC placement: Okay, so you had fun with the NPCs; time to put them away! Abstract NPC placement was evident in a couple areas, namely involving the R5's(and one bouncing on the others head o_O) and the haphazard placement of those stupid chiss bartenders XD speaking of the bar, I went to a bar last night, and last I checked, there weren't 5 bartenders behind the bar >_> hint hint.

- Weapon placement: Okay, so I have the Ten Commandments of Mapping here *holds up datapad* nope, none of them say you have to include every weapon imaginable in the map! Yes, I know you were experimenting, but this is just for your improvement advice. Don't be afraid to rule out weapons you wouldn't give to your audience. Not every one needs to sport a rocket launcher. I noticed that yes, you had a rancor guarding it, but we can easily outrun it ⌐_⌐. Also, see if you can sport guns at strategic locations versus just in haphazard clumps around the map.

- Map Layout: Whether for Role Play, FFA, or, hell, even hang out, you definitely gotta fix this layout -_-. Not every player, contrary to popular belief and evidence, is a force user. Not everyone can force jump their way to the Krusty Burger in the sky. Also, I would definitely work on more decoration once you've diversified your textures. You made a valiant start, but you'll need moar! Oh, and also, modern day towns and cities no longer require to have a fortified wall to defend from hordes of Barbaric tribes or that king you offended by stealing his peasants pigs and kidnapping his daughter even though she said she needed passage to Styx and I had the only boat that could go there...

and finally....

- Don't clutter your PK3: You basically guaranteed your files lack of downloadability by unnecessarily jacking up the size. Either that, or I did by calling you out on it XD regardless, your file has a bunch of textured that, whilst you thankfully credited the author for, still take up a huge amount of space, and is also pretty bad form.

Y'know, I think this is enough to lay on the platter for now. All that should probably keep you pretty busy as it is. Thus, version 1.1.0 is reviewed. I await your future attempts with glee. Good luck to you =_,=

New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to Plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Hutfield readme

Title				: Hutfield
Author				: Droidekafan
E-Mail				:

File Name			: Hutfield.pk3
File Size			: 7,875 KB
Date Released			: 26/09/08

Game Type			: FFA, Team FFA
New Textures			: YES
New Models			: NO
New Music			: NO
Bot Route			: NO
Bugs				: yes

Installation: Just place the .pk3 file in your JKA base folder, load up the game and you are ready to play!

Description: A samll box shaped map with weapons and a few NPCs. Textures are from the springfield map and there is no bot support.

Comments: Dont expect too much because this is my first map.

Known bugs: Sometimes the walls bots NPCs and weapons vanish. 

Credits: Textures by Nick Aikenhead(aka Kahn), game by Ravensoft and Lucasarts and the map is by me!


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