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Finally! Yes, finally Hydroball finds its way to JA! Hydroball was a popular mod made for JK2. Not many maps were made, but it was a fun mod...


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Finally! Yes, finally Hydroball finds its way to JA! Hydroball was a popular mod made for JK2. Not many maps were made, but it was a fun mod and the maps were fine. It was all about the game, not the maps. :) Rich Whitehouse has released Hydroball II for JA, I'm assuming with permission from his good friend Kirt who made the first Hydroball mod.

From what I could tell, the mod works the same way for JA as it did for JK2. You and your team work together underwater and without weapons to get a ball into the goal. It's much like soccer, but with force power and you can tackle your opponents! Oh, and you use your hands, not your feet. :) I hope this mod takes off and we see some Hydroball servers out there. If so, let me know when and where and I'm SO there! :D

The map included with this mod is very basic and very, very dark. The author admits he's not a mapper/designer - he's a programmer. So what we need are some decent Hydroball maps, guys. They don't have to have a bunch of eye candy - like I said before, this is all about the game. So some simple maps should be easy to make and get 'em up here so we can start playin' Hydroball again! Thanks Rich for giving the JA community a chance to play Hydroball! :D


Ps. Read the readme for more instructions on how to play. :)

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Download 'hydroball2rev11.zip' (8.63MB)

Title:			Hydroball II
Revision:		Rev1.1
Author:			Rich Whitehouse
Website:		http://www.telefragged.com/thefatal/

Additional Credits:	My good friend Kirt! ^^
			Kou, for inspiration and reminding me Hydroball existed.
			Square, for creating FFX and Blitzball.
			Both Mav and Kou for helping me with testing. ^^

Hydroball II is the "sequel" to Hydroball (a JK2 mod) for Jedi Academy. Inspired
by the Blitzball concept, Hydroball takes place in an underwater arena in which
two teams must fight to score goals against each other. Basically, it's underwater
soccer with tackling, force powers, and some other crazy stuff.

Extract the zip -with directory structure- into your Jedi Academy\GameData folder.
You should end up with a Jedi Academy\GameData\Hydroball folder, and that's where
all the files including this readme should be. Then start JA and go to the Mods
menu under Setup. Activate Hydroball in that menu, then start your own game or
go join a Hydroball server.

How to Play
In order for a round to start, you need at least one player on each team. Teams
are chosen by walking through the entry gates to the arena on the map after you
join in. Once there are enough players on each team, the countdown for the match
will begin. During the countdown players will automatically swim to their starting
points, and the electrical arena gates will be sealed off.

Once the match begins, you have a variety of abilities available to you. The alt
fire button will perform a tackle move, which you can use to knock other players
out of the way, and knock the ball out of the hands of the carrier. Holding left
and right strafe will do a side dash which is handy for ball interceptions and
other acrobatic techniques.

By default in the arena primary attack will do a jab, if you jab a player while
his stamina is empty, you can steal the ball directly away from him. Once you have
the ball, holding primary attack will charge up a throw. The longer you hold the
throw the further the ball will go once you release primary attack. But you have
to be careful, because you move slower when charging a throw, so someone could
interrupt your throw with a tackle and knock the ball away from you.

You also have force push and pull at your disposal, which you can use to push/pull
both the ball and other players in the arena.

That's about it for basic gameplay techniques. There's plenty of room to be
creative and come up with your own strategies. ^^

Additional Info
There's only one map at the minute. It really sucks, because I'm not a designer.
I'm a programmer. ^^ I would be glad to accept map submissions from any of you
who are interested, if your work is of good quality I'll be happy to include the
map in the next Hydroball II release. If you're interested, go to the web site
listed above and contact me there. There's usually some means of contacting me
as of the current time in the news section there. ^^

Aside from that you can contact me the same way to send bug reports, comments,
etc. This version of Hydroball is completely untested aside from me doing some
local testing with bots so I'm relying on the public to provide me with reports
on bugs and other issues that come up. When reporting a bug it's most helpful
if you can give me a method of reproducing it. For crashes, try to get a memory
address out of the windows error box if one comes up. Just saying "I was swimming
around and it crashed" isn't too helpful to me. ^^

Revision History
Rev1.0 (internal):
First test version. Hopefully operating as well as the last JK2 version was. ^^

Rev1.1 (public):
First public release of Hydroball II. Numerous bugs fixed found in internal
testing during 1.0. Also added radar support.

Copyrights, etc.
This mod may not be published on any type of media without direct permission from
me. You may redistribute the mod electronically, but only with the original
archive intact and unmodified. If you wish to get my permission for distribution
of this mod, please contact me through my web site.

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