This map is a Hydroball II map, so make sure you either have that or that you pick it up before you try this m...


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This map is a Hydroball II map, so make sure you either have that or that you pick it up before you try this map out. Well... I suppose realistically you could play it without Hydroball if you wanted... but why would you pass up such a cool mod? :p

Okay... I'll be honest. I've never played Hydroball. It makes me sad, actually, because I'm intimately familiar with Blitzball and I'd love to give hydroball a try. But for the purposes of this review, a big water-filled sphere is a big water-filled sphere, so it's the rest of the map that needs reviewing.

So let's get on to it. This map actually has a really nice ambiance. It is set in what seems to be a town in the middle of the desert (Tatooine, anyone?) in the middle of the night. The lighting actually matches the time of day, which is nice. And it's not excessive or too little. There were a couple of instances, mainly inside the hydroball building itself, where I couldn't find a light source for a couple of the light entities, but for the most part the lights did have sources.

The bits of the town itself are pretty easy on the eyes. I detected a definite Tatooine theme, which makes sense, and since it's night time it's not your typical Tatooine look (being dark, and all... as opposed to the blindingly bright Tatooines we're used to). The most impressive thing about this map is that it seems to use all baseJKA resources. No new textures or anything like that, and yet it doesn't have that recycled feel that a lot of maps without new content have.

Man, it's like Zanarkand... if Zanarkand was on Tatooine. :lol:

Give it a download if you're a Hydroball fan. Definitely. Y'know, since hydroball maps are so few and far between...

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No


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Download 'hydrodesert_2.zip' (6.18MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: HydroDesert2
E-MAIL: couldsoundgood@hotmail.co.uk

FILENAME: hydrodesert2.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 26 January 2007

CREDITS: Well, I guess I need to credit Rich Whitehouse for creating Hydroball, and Square Enix for the concept of blitzball in the final fantasy series from which I modelled the goals and spherical arena on. Thanks also to [Alfredo] for convincing me to make a new Hydroball map, and to Gnoe for helping to test it.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy the hydrodesert2.pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder. In order for this map to work fully you need hydroball to be installed (You can get it here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Hydroball_II;69338). If it still does not work, it might be an idea to put the pk3 in your gamedata/Hydroball folder as well.

DESCRIPTION: Ok, this is a map for the JKA mod Hydroball, it is set in a desert at night time and is (I think) the first hydroball map to use a spherical playing area, it also includes a small town, outdoor terrain and a relatively large building from the inside of which you can access the sphere. I would have liked to be able to put swoops in and make a garage in the town for them, however, Hydroball does not support vehicles and if you spawn them they end up floating across the map and only go at running speed.

BUGS: Slight bug in the supports when looked at from above, but you can't get there without noclip, I tried fixing it anyway but it just wouldn't go away.

COMMENTS: Feel free to email me with ways in which I can improve the map, or ideas for other hydroball maps, I don't mind criticism, just as long as its constructive and not just abuse.


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