Ice Clan Video

I love Clan Video's when they work.

Ice Clan Video, Created by Saidoo.

I think this is possibly the best Clan Video i have seen...


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I love Clan Video's when they work.

Ice Clan Video, Created by Saidoo.

I think this is possibly the best Clan Video i have seen. It combines with a good use of music, camera angels, smooth gameplay, and effective saber skill. With those pointed out, let's discuss them all in depth.

Video Layout- For a total runtime of 7:57, you have to have an interesting theme to go alongside your video. And I feel that this has succeeded in affectively creating a decent layout for a Clan Video. Im sure that everyone will agree with me. It introduces some advanced members of the Clan and allows you to watch them in gameplay. The video also introduces some recordings of ice's matches against opposing clans. Towards the ending you have the Roster and Credits of the film. The credits had background scenes of some gameplay showing you how fierce the ice members are! Overall the effect of the Video Layout is good, and I hope to see some more soon.

Camera Angles/Recording the Video- Throughout the film, the 'camera-man' runs through a series of camera angles to fully allow you to see the different aspects of the gameplay. Most of it was spectating, but as you can see in the movie that they tended to move freely in the air and let you watch the battle from a further away view. At some times the disappointing element in this recording is that you see the 'spectator mode' text, but then again who's watching that? It's the movie's theme you should be admiring, not the text. With that aside, the recording of the video gave me a positive image, and compared to some other clan video's that I've seen, this is by far the best recording.

Music- At the start of the movie, it begins with a calm, yet suspicious tune. It builds up and gets gradually louder, then unleashes a roar -and the music starts. The music is the same throughout, and im usually picky about the sound, but this track kept its tempo and made me think of it positively. The music fades to the ending as you see a fantastic destructive kill. As the 'Roster Layout' begins, a simple piano tune is introduced and flows towards the ending of the movie. So overall, the music in the film made me watch it all, and then again several times. Good job.

Gameplay- When reviewing a film, you wouldn't usually comment on the skill involved in the film, but I think its a must this time- seeing as half the clan video's you do get is endless butterfly spam and other abismal moves. Yet this Video I believe is the first I have seen to carry a high quality amount of skill and didn't just rely on one character. The movie flicks through at least 5 members showing off there skill whilst endlessly killing several characters ingame. You get the odd moment where the video slows down and you see one of the characters swipe through the enemies stomach. Loving it personally.

I think I've gone through the main structure and key elements of this video. Overall, a must download for any clan-seekers and a thumbs up from me.

~ Chafferz

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Hey, Saidoo here, this is just a little something I decided to make for ice. 
Its just basically TFFAing and our TFFA team members and all of that.  Just 
what we ice members like to do on a daily bases. Personally id love to make 
it a little better, but i wanted to get it out to the public as soon as possible.
So anyway, I used fraps with this,  I just recorded demos then went and played 
the demos and recorded over them with fraps (this really helps cause Fraps tends 
to lag your game.) So yeah, if anyone is interested in joining come to our server, 
or check out the forums, we are always looking for new faces :) Well, I wont keep 
you guys, Enjoy.

Server and clan changes have been made since the making of this video so check out our forums at for further clan and server information.

We are currently recruiting.

Keep a look out for a newer and better ice video!

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