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There's so many types of Elves. Good gravy. It's like there's a different type of elf for each element in nature, and then some. Let's li...


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There's so many types of Elves. Good gravy. It's like there's a different type of elf for each element in nature, and then some. Let's list them, shall we? We have... wood elves, high elves, dark elves, ice elves, snow, moon, sun, star, and many, many more. Now elves are traditionally Germanic, most notably Norse, and I have the distinct pleasure of saying that I am Scandinavian; Swedish, to be exact. These pointy-eared humanoids whom you so adore come from MY PEOPLE. You can thank us later, after I review this file. What exactly is this file, you ask? Well, first I'll direct you to the file name to see if you can draw a hint, and then I'll tell you. It's Ice Elves! Blue elves, kind of like the Dark Elves from Oblivion. They also share in their black/grayish hair and in their scary fiery eyes. I don't quite know why Ice Elves are special, though. Maybe they turn people into snow or something. Maybe they throw snowballs at people. To be honest, when I hear Ice Elf, I think Santa's helpers.

This is a species pack. You customize your skin from a variety of options and it can also be used in single player! First, before anything else, I just want to say that you should include some default skins to go along with the species pack; skins that can be accessed from the default skin selection menu in multiplayer. You should also have included team skins. And new sounds. And bot support and NPC support (Because apparently people DO use them). If you overlook all of that, though, you have the skins themselves, and they're fairly nice. The heads I recognize as being almost entirely skinned by Spanki (Which was a good choice to do. I borrowed some heads from him myself for a skinpack of mine). My favorites are the ones that look kind of hawkish and that look like they're sneering (Specifically A1 to A4).

The torso skins are all fairly nice as well. They look good, even if the blue one is rather pixely (You should make it a higher resolution if possible). I DO like the blue tunic, though, as it fits these elves very well with its fancy embroidery and whatnot. Then we have a tunic with... no... shirt underneath; he likes showing off his pecs. It looks good, though and the chest is very well skinned. You almost can't tell that the the bare skin was skinned on a multi-layered cloth tunic model. The third is a very, very wrinkled green/gray tunic. Looking fairly nice, though you might want to tone down the photoshop texture filter a bit on the green part. The legs are your standard jedi tunic legs dyed different colors to match the different torsos.

All in all, a nice pack, though you'll want to include a default skin, team skins, new sounds, bot support, NPC support, and perhaps some shaders in the next version.

New sounds - No. Team skins - No. Bot support - No. NPC support - No. Single player support - Indeed. That's all this is.


Ask not what these different elves can do for you, but ask what you can do for these different elves.

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Download '' (2.89MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: Iceelf Custom Pack
Author: GluGlivar

File's name: iceelf.pk3
File's size: 2.88 MB
Released: 2008.11.01.



Model - Hapslash (original model was HS_Anakin)
Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade
Textures - GluGlivar

Special thanks for Spanki (for some face textures what I used in my pack).


How to install: 

Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual
Multiplayer MODS. 



Hey guys! I'm back to the skinning business!

Here I made a fantasy styled customization pack with a fantasy species called iceelf. This pack includes:

- A totally new species (Iceelves)
- 17 Heads (with one new "mouth_eyes")
- 14 Torsos
- 3 Boots

I know that's not enought, so I decided that I'll include soon a Downloadiable Content (a DLC) for this mod, with new faces and another stuffs, like weapons. By the way, I'm working another fantasy projects at the moment, too.


Bugs: I don't know about any bugs.



If you want to use this pack in your own mod (TC, mini-mod, reskinning), just write to me a mail, and I'll give you the permission. I only want to know if you want use this pack in any other mod.


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