Icy's Castle

All right, for a first map, this is a good one. However, there are several problems. One of which being - I don't like Rancors. But we'll...


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All right, for a first map, this is a good one. However, there are several problems. One of which being - I don't like Rancors. But we'll talk about that later.

This is a map of a castle and it has some cool features. As you can see, there is a drawbridge of sorts that'll keep you from frying in the lava moat. There is a button that'll extend the bridge, so hopefully you spawn in the castle. ;) The stairs up the turret are nice, but are a bit small and narrow. You can't comfortably run up them, without getting stuck on the torches. Each small turret has a disruptor, which I find to be a bit too much firepower. Probably should've been limited to two of the towers. The armory doesn't have much to choose from and I did get stuck in it. I didn't figure out how to get out, because those things annoy me. So I noclipped out. :P The jail cells look good, but there was some z-fighting I found here and throughout the map. The last cell does lead to a cranky monster that wants to eat you. And that's why you see a picture of him from VERY far away. The doorways and staircases are nice, but like the turrets' staircases, they seemed a bit narrow. I really like the dining hall and though I know the author was going for an RP theme here, with bactas at every seat - that's just way too much health for a good FFA map, in my opinion. Yes, there are bedrooms. Meh. Moving on. I really, really need to read the readme's first. I walked over to one of the buttons and thought, "I wonder what this does? Does it open a door to a secret passage?" No. It does not. It spawns things that want you dead. The stormtroopers scared the hell out of me. I jumped and landed in the lava. I think that was their plan all along.

Anyway, all in all, this is a good map. It was fun to play, in spite of the few complaints I had. Could I actually play this on a guns server (which would be best) with other people? Heavens, no. The FPS was so bad, it gave me a headache. Work on the FPS issues and this might be a good addition to a gun server.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA


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Download 'icys_castle.zip' (2.94MB)


Map name     : Icy's_Castle
Author       : IcElf (Darth Legolas)
E-Mail       : elvar_elf@hotmail.com

Map Information:

New textures : no
New music    : no
Bot Support  : yes
Game types   : FFA

A small castle map I made for fun basicly,
the castle has few rooms including dungeon, big hall (dining room), 
Bed room (+ kings bedroom), and armory.
There is also a council room and a room in the biggest tower.
Then there is area around the castle that can be used for ffa, you might also find the cave in the mountains.
On the castle roof is a place where you could duel and buttons that spawn npcs (the one with green light spawns 5 stormtroopers, yellow one spawns 3 shadowtroopers, and red spawn's 2 desanns).
There are 2 yellow buttons in the big tower the one closer too the stairs closes the big tower and the other behind the chairs opens up the council room right outside the big tower on the castle roof.
You might get stuck in the armory and I can tell you now that there is a way out, but I'm not telling where and how.
There are few more secrets you can look for in this map.
In the dungeon is a rancor but he can't get you until you jump down into his cave.

Put the Icy's_castle.pk3 file in your base folder 
Default is : C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base

Bugs and notes:

There are probably some bugs I missed in this map because it's my first
The fps (frames per second) is low at some places

Beta testers:
JediEmperor, BrightLord, Light, Shadow, Dragon, Noluck

Special Thanks:

JediEmperor for helping me with lots of stuff
And BrightLord for giving me ideas 


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