))=((iddens Gaming Club ))=((angout 4

If I had to choose one word to describe this map, it would be angular. That was the first thing I thought when exploring it. "My thes...


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If I had to choose one word to describe this map, it would be angular. That was the first thing I thought when exploring it. "My these corners are pretty sharp for being snowbanks," and "Wow I wouldn't want to sleep on that pointy of a pillow." These are some of the challenges presented to mappers, however talented and experienced mappers can hide this angular nature and help hard edges become softer. It is obvious this mapper has not yet mastered that technique... or really delved into it at all.

The next thing I noticed was the texturing. The texturing seems... random, at best. In some areas it fits, and then in other areas, especially the living areas, it seems incredibly random and disjointed. I found the pinkness of the author's "room" to be a little frightening. More the pattern than the color. If I had that kind of wallpaper in my bedroom I'd probably have a seizure. And because of the sheer height of some of the brushes, many of the textures look incredibly repetitive. The only real texture problem I had was with one of the shaders, though I don't know if that is a problem with the map or a problem with me.

The last important flaw I found was the lighting. In some areas it was okay, but in others is was simply horrendous. In fact in one screenshot you will find a hallway filled with lights that have no sources. There's also a brick wall that is illuminated by a non-existent light source. Some people may not care about that kind of thing, but lighting can really make or break a map.

New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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))=((iddens Gaming Club ))=((angout 4

HGC_HANGOUT4  by: HiddenSpy
Website: www.HiddensGC.co.nr
Started:  11-12-05   Finished: 1-1-06
Email: HiddensGamingClub@gmail.com

Installation Instructions:
Put pk3 file in your base directory. (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base - for most people.)  Keep any previous versions because all Hangout maps are started from scratch and totally different.  We do use previous maps in the server from time to time.

Comments from Author:
This is the 4th map I made for Hiddens Gaming Club.  I felt old map was getting a little boring so I made this new one.  In new version I left out dodgeball, lasertag, and the race track.  I added Thermal Toss, Ski slope, Museum, Hotel, Shooting Range and many improved rooms.  I hope everyone enjoys this map and I look forward to playing it with everyone in the server.

HGC HANGOUT 4 Map Playing Tips:
On ski slope, run do and do amknockmedown so you 'sled' down.
In Kung fu room, never jump kick, just grab, punch, and kick.
In training area, each color is a different course.
Museum to dark?  Turn on the lights!

HANGOUT 4 Rooms Include:
Main Outside FFA area
Ski Slope/Cave
Thermal Toss
Rancor Pit
Main Temple FFA
Pillar Room
Main Duel Room
Pong Room
Kung Fu Room
Tourney Room
Training Area
Mercenary Area
Shooting Range
Members Area (HGC members only stuff)

If you have questions or comments you may email me at the address above.  I appreciate any good comments :)  We will play this at HGC server so if you wish to play it with us just stop by.  Server tracker can be found at our site or forums.

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